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  1. Hi!
    I’m from the Netherlands. I became a born again believer in March 2019. I wasn’t sure what “born again” meant until my life got flipped upside down (in a positive way). Now I want to grow!! I LOVE your ministry! I also follow pastor Tom Loud, I think his teachings are awesome.

    Question 1: Traveling to the UK is limited because of Corona. Do you have any schools planned in the Netherlands ? Or are there any people/contacts living here that I can contact for teaching and going to the streets together?

    Question 2: I was wondering, is it possible to order or download the workbook “Back to Basics” ?

    Blessings!! Nikola

  2. Hello,
    Greetings and thank you for attending to my email. I was looking for the book Back to Basics and was led here.

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