Pete Cabrera Jr. Facebook Live August 26, 2020

Pete Cabrera Jr.
Facebook Live
August 26, 2020

Part 1 of 4

What’s up everybody, my name is Pete Cabrera Jr. With Royal family International University. School of identity and lifestyle man. Sweet Jesus. Yeah, man. It’s been a very interesting couple of days. Right. Very interesting couple days. So anyways, we’ve been having a Bible study every Monday night. And man, this thing’s a beast. I just thank God that he’s allowed us to have it the way that we’re having it for the people that are coming. We’re getting text messages. I’m getting inboxes from people that are like, Man, this is like, life changing. And I’m like, Yes, this is life changing.

It is the reason that I wanted to do this Bible study. Is – because I want people to get better in their walk, right? Because it’s all about getting better. It’s about being better in your walk. So /Tom, what’s up, man? What’s up brother? from Costa Rica without EDA? Yeah, I got your message, I’ll be hitting you up./ So the reason I titled this why men of god attack each other and why there’s this conflict in the body is I want to address it. /Good Morning, sir./ I want to address it. The reason is, and you know, cuz somebody asked this question because you know, there’s people out there that they’re not going to like what you do, they’re not going to agree with you, and they would not be able to restrain how they feel. And you know, like, if you’re in a playground and you’re a little kid and somebody makes you mad and does something you don’t like, the first thing you’re going to do as a child is you’re going to start spreading rumors throughout the school and start nitpicking every little thing that they do wrong. And because that’s a lack of self control. You have no Control, you cannot control how you feel you can’t control your anger, let alone can’t control your mouth can’t control what you do.

And so therefore, you just become this person who just spreads discord throughout the body, right or throughout the playground. Excuse me. So this is why it’s very vital that we teach who we are in Christ. And I’m not saying we’re all gonna get it because we’re all walking it and we are all learning. But one of the reasons that this is is because Galatians 5:17 right, before you came to Christ you used to live in the flesh, you used to live in the flesh, your whole identity was in the flesh. This is what I hit on the most. /What’s up, Rick, love you, brother. Love you, man. What’s up William.;/ And so, when you are not born again, when you are in the world, you are led by the flesh, your whole life is carnality- the way you think or you feel, and one of the main reasons the Bible talks about that the number of the beast is 666 is because the beast means It’s an animal, it’s it has no self control when you hear the word beast, it’s not the word beast that you get when you watch a movie, you see a beast with horns in this beast.

That’s not what they’re talking about in the Bible in the context, Beast means an animal, like an ox, or an animal of the field. That’s what a beast is, right? And so when he says the mark of the beast, it means it’s an animal, it has no self control, it is being led by the desires of the flesh, it wants to eat and wants to attack it. It’s just this, this animal that will attack everything, and that’s why it’s called the beast, right? And so – what’s very interesting is that the serpent in the garden, told Adam and Eve, excuse me, told Eve that, you know, “did God say?” basically what the serpent was doing was telling Eve that look, you can be like me, you can just do whatever you want. You don’t have a master, you can just do whatever you want. You don’t have to listen to God. And that’s the nature of the beast. The nature of the beast is don’t listen to God. Listen to your flesh. That’s the The nature of the beast, anyone who tells you that that is not true. You need to read your Bibles, read Romans chapter eight, it will explain it to you. Read first Corinthians chapter three, it’ll explain it to you. People that live in the flesh and don’t understand and don’t recognize that they no longer get their leading by their emotions, their feelings and their thoughts. They will devour you, they will devour themselves and everything around them because they have no self control. They have not learned to take their vessel to possess their vessel, let alone their thoughts, let alone what they what they’re saying or doing. Right.

And so that comes with maturity, right? So here’s what happens in the body of Christ. So let’s say that there’s a man of God who’s teaching something that you don’t agree with. Okay, first of all, if you get offended, the first thing you’re going to do is come against that person. Because you don’t agree. (great peace have they who love thy law and nothing shall offend them Psalms) but hear me out. There are, I don’t know, I think there’s like 40,000 denominations and there’s religions that are being spread all throughout the world even now. So can you imagine what would happen if I was to focus on every single doctrine on every single little thing that people are saying that I do not agree with? I would be consumed by that. And my whole ministry wouldn’t even be about equipping the saints. It’d be about finding people out that I don’t really agree with and then just basically, coming against them and telling them, I don’t agree. I don’t agree. I don’t agree. And that’s just super childish, right? And so, me as a minister, the reason I’m putting this video out, is because I’m going to show you the source of that, the source of that /What’s up, Dennis/, the source of discord is carnality.

Now Galatians 5:19 and I am going to read it to you. For the flesh lust against the spirit and the Spirit against the flesh, and these are contrary one to another so that they cannot do the things that you would but if you’d be led to the spirit you’re not under the law. The reason that I’m saying this is because there are people /what’s going on Caroline, what’s going on? I got your message the other day I just want to say hang in there man, you’re doing good. You’re doing great man. Just want to let you know I was also in that position. I also felt alone, and also felt like I was going in circles – just want to see you hang in there. We got brothers in Christ praying for you. Right? / Um, so the thing that you run into the most is there are those that are teaching under the law. Now hear me out. I would never say that the law is not important. I used to say that until I understood because once again, we’re growing, going from glory to glory to glory. And if you’re a man of God, you know that you’re growing into a reality, which is in Christ, so you don’t always have it all figured out. And we’re all growing and we’re all learning. The problem is that as you’re learning and growing, people will find your little issues that they don’t agree with and then they just, they will make you look crazy.

Why? Because once again, they don’t agree they get mad, they get upset, and they don’t know how to honor each other. They don’t know how to honor the body of Christ the will come against you, say certain things – and hear me out. The reason that I teach identity, and this is the beautiful thing about it is it doesn’t affect you, when people do that to you, because you recognize that is just carnality you recognize that the yoke of the flesh is on them, and it’s leading them like a dumb ox to do stupid things. And for those who are led by the Spirit, they just kind of giggle about it because they’re like, Man, this cat, or this person does not recognize that they’re being led by the spirit right now. They have a yoke of carnality on them, and it’s leading them into a ditch. It’s leading them into discord. It’s leading them into hate, it’s leading them into anger, it’s leading them into a trap. It’s leading them into a place that God doesn’t want them to be. That’s the place that flesh wants them.

And so what ends up happening, because we don’t recognize life in the spirit, is we use the fact that the Holy Spirit lives inside of us, but we justify why we can get into the flesh because of the way We feel once again, you are not a feeling, you’re not an emotion. Okay? You have those things, but those things are not you. So let’s say I was to go out there on the streets and I was, I see something that I didn’t like, right? My job is to address that issue in love No matter what, it doesn’t matter what the situation is. I’m to always address it with love. Why do I say that? Because that is what Jesus modeled. And as a follower of Christ, we have to address everything the way Jesus would address it. But here’s where we run into issues. We will say because Jesus was telling the Pharisees certain things, that it’s okay for us to do it. And it is okay for us to do it the right way. biblically, right and this is why we were given the word we were given the word so we can do things biblically. So what ends up happening is you get into the flesh, and it starts eating away at you, gnawing at you, right in Genesis chapter 3:15. When the serpent was cursed, the Bible says that on your belly, you will go eating dust all the days of your life. Because it eats dust, which means that we’re made out of dust.

The Bible says that Adam was created out of the dust and the air until he became a living soul. And he also says that, that he got us from the dust from the dust we came from the dust we’re returned. So carnal things the flesh is dust. What’s amazing is that when you find yourself being yoked by the enemy, yoked by the serpent, you will eat dust and what is dust, people, people are made of dust and they will eat carnality and they have to feed that flesh they have to feed that carnality and so they’re devouring people because they think that they’re doing God’s will. But in reality, they’re just devouring one one another because they’re in the flesh. Right? And so the reason that I teach identity and who you are in Christ, in the spirit Now remember, when you teach in the spirit, everyone who teaches in the flesh is going to come against you. Why because Galatians 5:19 they lust against each other, this is the enmity that the Bible talks about, I will put enmity between yours seed and her seed. That’s the enmity, right? And Jesus came to destroy the enmity in one body in one flesh. So when we get in Christ, we destroy the enmity. You know what that means?

That means that we now recognize that we’re in Christ and everything else that is going on is just carnal stuff and it’s attacking flesh. It’s attacking pride, which is carnal. It’s attacking reputation, which is carnal. It’s attacking my thoughts, my feelings, my it’s all core, it’s just attacking carnality all day long. And this is why you get into the spirit. So when they’re attacking you and trying to devour you, you’re like, they got to feed that thing. They got to feed flesh. So let them let them devour everything. And it’s funny because the only thing they devour, is the thing that’s going to be thrown into the fire, which ain’t gonna be here anyway. So it’s pretty interesting. So I teach people this is how you become bulletproof in the spirit, you get In the spirit and you recognize what’s going on and then you have compassion. You’re like, wow, wow that whole arena, you know. Rome had an arena, you know that right? They had an arena and in that arena, they would entertain people. And you know what they would do in that, in that arena? They would fight in that arena. And that’s what the god of this world does. He gets Christians to create an arena so he could watch us devour each other. That’s crazy to me. So while the Christians are in there fighting each other the world’s clapping, carnality is laughing “look at these fools, fighting each other”. Look at these fools attacking each other. Look at these fools. devouring each other. Look at the body of Christ fighting Ain’t that amazing? That’s so amazing. Look at that. They really really trust their God because if God was to get into the middle of them, that wouldn’t be happening right now. They wouldn’t be devouring each other, they wouldn’t be fighting each other. They wouldn’t get mad at each other, they would find peace, but flesh wants to be right, flesh wants to prove its point. flesh wants to make sure that hey, I’m right, you’re wrong. And I’m going to prove my point. Come on, how do you prove anything?

I’m in Christ. You know what I love about God. God said this to Jesus. This is my Son, in whom I’m well pleased. If you could get that you’re good. Because it’s not about pleasing men. It’s not about pleasing anybody else. It’s about you know, that God is pleased with me. And I’m focusing on God, and I’m in Christ. And I’ve been fighting to stay in Christ and the whole world will do their best to get you out of the character of Christ to get you out of the realities of God’s kingdom. And as a man of God, your job is to teach Christians to be settled in that truth to be settled that, yes – yes, hey don’t allow that stuff to affect you keep your eyes on me. That’s what we’re supposed to be teaching people. We’re supposed to be teaching Christians to keep their eyes on Jesus. But here’s what flesh does. Flesh will say no, don’t focus on Jesus. Focus on all the issues that that person has. Focus on that focus on the worst you can find in someone let’s do that. Right. But Christ says “No, we don’t focus on that. I came to die for them. I came to die for everyone that you’re judging.” Did you guys know that?

Did you guys know that when Jesus came, he lived in one of the worst places you could possibly be raised in. And did you know that one of the reasons that I believe that he was raised there was because he needed to understand what sin looked like. He had to live in an area that was so filled with sin and corruption, and it trained him not to be upset and not to judge them. Why because how can you judge those that you came to die for? Let me ask you something. As a Christian, did we come to die for one another? The Bible says there is no greater friend than this for one who would give his life for another. So do you give your life for another? Do you lay down your flesh for another? Do you lay down your pride for another? Do you lay down the old man for another? Do you lay down everything that you think is you for another? If you don’t you are walking out flesh now you’re rising up against the brother now you’re rising up against people now you fighting against the things of God, now you found yourself on the other side on your, on your way to Damascus. And that’s you. That’s you. If you’re in your flesh, you’re on your road to Damascus, to come against. “Give me” this is what Paul says, here is what Saul says, “give me a letter so I can imprison Christians.”

Did you know that we can imprison Christians? We can imprison them with anger by coming against them. We can imprison them with depression by saying mean things about them, we can imprison Christians by coming against them and raising up people against them and try to imprison them in a lie in filth, and we put chains on people by changing the way people see each other by changing how people see you. And it’s really crazy to do that. Because our job is to make sure that when people see other people, they see the best in them. The best in them, because Jesus died for them. Jesus didn’t come to condemn, or to judge he came to save, and so this is how you know, if what you’re teaching lines up to the word God, are you coming against the brother? Or are you fighting for your brother? Which one? Are you trying to destroy one another? Or are you trying to build with each other? Because in the body of Christ, it’s his church. It’s his body. It’s his family. It’s his table.

And here’s what we end up doing because we’re in the flesh. We decide what we want to hear and what we don’t want to hear – you know what? It’s nobody’s decision or choice what you hear, what you don’t hear. I tell people who are you to say what they can do and what they can’t do. They’re working on their testimony, you got to work on your testimony. The Bible says that we’re saved by the blood of the Lamb, and the power of their testimony, right? So let them work on their testimony, let them fall on their face. Not that you’re- not that you’re allowing it to happen in their lives. Not that you’re condoning it, but that you’re there with them saying, hey, there’s a better way to do that, hey, there’s a better way to do this. And it happens through communion. And you know what is amazing? When you have relationships with people, you don’t mistreat them, because you have a relationship with them. You don’t talk bad about them, because you love them. And this is why it’s so vital that we teach who we are in Christ because it’s all about the character of Christ. I’m going to keep saying that. It’s the character of Christ. And you know what’s amazing? Even in the midst of that, it’s like a lot of Christians, I’m gonna tell you this, this is sad to me. There’s a lot of Christians that can’t even be themselves because they’re trying to find out who they are in Christ. But they can’t be themselves because there’s so many people judging and nitpicking every little thing they do, instead of teaching them and modeling it and showing them, right, I’ll give you an example.

So a year and a half ago, right? And Sergio, if you’re on here, you’re gonna get this. So a year and a half ago, I was, I was pretty heavy. I don’t know if you guys know this I was almost 300 pounds. I was wearing four X’s, right? And so I got a hold of a bunch of people that I was working with accountability groups, right? And I still do this. And I gave them my word. I gave them my word that I would put up a picture every day that I went to the gym, two or three every days. That was my word to these people. And I’m still doing it, that I would put pictures of me in the gym or eating or anything, I’d still hold myself accountable and to show them that I’m gonna stay the race and I’m going to keep going to the gym. And you know what happens? There’s a guy out there that gets these pictures. And he starts talking trash on me without knowing the backstory without knowing why I did it without knowing any of that and turns the whole thing around to make me look like something that I’m not, but that’s the way he sees me, because that’s the way his eye sees, because he can only see what he wants to see. Right. So I was kind of like, wow, Lord. Wow, why would a man of God do that? Why would a man of God, try to find the worst in someone and put it out there for the whole world?

Why would someone want to do that and then they’ll justify themselves? Because I don’t agree. Okay? You don’t agree? And last time I checked, Jesus speaks for me. And I have a relationship with Christ. And people don’t know what I’ve been through. People don’t know what I do. People don’t know that they just assume, right? They just assume. And then there was another video that came out, right? So I do this thing called homework and you’ll know this about me because I teach people to devour the eye that’s dark in them. And to find everything that Christ has in everything. That’s my job. My job is to teach you to find the Christ in everything because we’re in a world that’s fallen. And this world looks evil to the, to the dark eye, everything is evil to the dark eye everything. My job is to teach you not to see the evil and to look for Christ in everything, in everything, right. So you know what I did? I said we’re going to do homework. Have you guys ever seen the movie, the village, the village Right. I said here’s what we’re gonna do. We’re gonna watch the Village and we’re going to pull out everything in this movie that God is put in here. Now here’s what they said. Why do you say that this is even of God because the Bible . . .