How to Count It All Joy During Trials? | Pete Cabrera Jr.

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I want to give a shout out to Matthew Couch man. You be on there man you be on there consistently Matthew, Matthew Couch. I want to give a shout out to Sean Hurley man. Yes You’re getting it in. Sergio, man. We got cats out there getting it in man getting it in like they are not messing around. They’re guys out there that are walking out the kingdom of God on a daily man as a lifestyle, mind boggling mind boggling. So, so I did a video yesterday I think it was yesterday. Think so good question. I don’t even remember when I did it. But I did a video and I was talking about the character of Christ and I got inboxed and I got texts by a couple cats. One of the questions was, how do we count it all joy? Like, what does that look like? You know, how do we count it all joy James, chapter one, verse two through eight. And I’ll say, Hey, I’ll go live. And I’ll explain that to you. You know, I’ll explain the mindset behind that, right? Because in the kingdom of God, there’s only one one way of thinking guys in the kingdom of God. There’s only one way of thinking, and that way of thinking is to have the thoughts or to think about those things, the way that Christ would think about those things like that’s the only thought to have in the kingdom of God is whenever you come against something right away, you should think, what is Christ think about this? How would Jesus handle this? And that’s the right mindset to have all the time that that mindset is what you need to practice on the most is when you see something, you don’t allow it to get you in the flesh it doesn’t allow it to get you into fear or worry you right away stop and you say Okay so I have a Savior. Right. And that means that I call on the name of the Lord and I’ll be saved. So let me stop real quick when we look at the situation from the right lens, and let me look at it right and then when you look at it, you start processing,right?

And you’re gonna have all kinds of thoughts. //What’s up, Joe? Love you, bro.// You can have all kinds of thoughts. You can have the right thoughts, the wrong thoughts. You’re gonna have to put your trust and faith in God in certain areas of your life and be like, okay, I don’t know, is this the right decision if this is not the decision I need to be making? And so you’re gonna run into these things. And one of the Scriptures that I hold on to the most is Romans chapter 8:31. That is one of my favorite scriptures in the Bible. Because Paul says something that’s mind boggling. mind boggling. He starts off saying, What shall we say to these things? What shall we say to these things? I mean, that’s mind boggling to me. What do you say about those things? What do you say to your circumstance, what do you say to what’s putting fear in you? What do you saying to the thing that’s coming against you? What do you say to it? And the answer is, if God is for us, who could be against us? Like, that’s the way you’re supposed to talk in every situation? Everything that’s thrown at you, you’re supposed to say, Okay, if God is for me, what can be against me? What what could possibly be against me? Now, here’s the mindset that you’re gonna struggle with the mindset you’re gonna struggle with is I’m being attacked. Something’s wrong, I must be doing something right. Or I wouldn’t be you know, I wouldn’t be attacked as something, you know, something’s coming against me. But if that was true, if it was an attack, then we have to address James chapter one. verse two, right.

James chapter one, verse two says my brethren, count it all joy when you fall into diverse temptations. Okay, this is very interesting because this is not what the world is used to this is not the way we were taught. We were not taught that when things start falling apart and stuff starts coming against you and things start hitting you a certain way like count it all joy like wait a minute, How amy I supposed to count it all joy, this ain’t even cool. What’s happening like this is this is not easy. Okay, well the reason you have trial, I call it a trial temptations a trial, it’s a test. Everything is a test. If you if you remember when you when you read your Bibles and you’re following the life of Jesus, he put his disciples in all kinds of tests all kinds of trials, right? He wasn’t putting them into temptation. He was testing their minds he was testing if what it is that what he put in them was coming out in every circumstance in every situation. That’s what he was doing as a teacher, which is very interesting, because as teachers, I think we should do the same thing. So imagine this, because you know, I have friends that you know, they go into prayer and they’re always talking about Going before the Lord, you know, going to the courtroom of heaven, and they go before God, and they go there, right? So I want you to imagine this, I want you to imagine that every day, here on Earth, every day here on Earth, because our job is to bring heaven here, here on Earth, I want you to imagine that every day here on Earth, as an ambassador of Christ, as a child of God, as you’re walking out your salvation, as you’re learning to put on the new man and putting off the old, as you’re learning this as you’re walking out Ephesians chapter four, you know, as you’re walking out, putting off the old, putting on the new as you’re doing that, right, you’re always on trial. Okay?

And what I mean by that is, is every circumstance that comes against you, is putting you on trial. And what it wants to know is if Jesus is really who you say he is, in your life, this is why Romans chapter 8:31 says What shall we say to these things, so When these things hit you, what do you say to the things that are hitting you? Do you say, Oh, no, what am I gonna do? I don’t know what’s gonna happen? I’ve never been in this situation, I’m afraid. I don’t know, like somebody? Is that what we should be saying about these things? No. So when we’re put on trial, when this stuff hits you, when the stuff comes at you, what do you do? What do you do? That’s the question. And what you do is you now allow the Christ in you to stand trial. And when he stands trial, when he comes forth, when he walks out those things, that’s called victory, right? So I’m going to read it to you real quick. So James, chapter one, verse two. Now, Brethren, Count it all joy when you fall into diverse temptations, which means you should be getting excited about it, which is a pretty interesting because when was the last time you got excited that something bad was happening or something was happening to you or something was not going your way and all of a sudden, you got super excited about it? Like, oh, man, this is exciting, I’m going through a trial. Oh, man, I’m hitting some temptations hitting me like I’m super excited. When is the last time you got excited about something like that? That’s the mindset you’re supposed to have when you understand that you’re being trained when you understand that everything that the enemy uses for evil, God is using for good. I think that’s in Genesis chapter 15, verse 20, when when Joseph says that to his brothers, because his brothers came to him, and they said, Hey, we want we’re going to be your servants now, because they realized that what they did to their brother was wrong. And what did Joseph say he had the right mindset. What should I say about this? He said, what the enemy used, try to use for evil. God used it for good to save many. In the same way.

When these trials come your way. When they come your way. It’s of the world these things that are happening to you and there might be evil, they might not be of God. There might be things that are there to destroy you. But in the same way because you understand that what the enemy is using for evil God is using it for good and you’re being trained in this situation. You’re being trained In these circumstances, and you’re calling on the Christ, because the Christ is on trial, because he stands before you. So when this does happen, the problem is that we don’t allow Chirst to stand before us in those circumstances, we get in the flesh, we get in carnality. And we step forward, and then we try to do it. And then we fall and we fail. And then we get mad at God. And God was sitting there like, Look, me and you are one, right? I told you that I would, I would let the spirit speak to you that he would fill your mouth. I told you if you would just trust me. If you would stand in faith and believe and call on me, and this is what this is about. And this is why I’m going to read it. So here we go. Now brethren count it all joy when you fall into diverse limitations knowing this, that the trying of your faith, see you’re on trial, right? The trying of yoru faith, that’s trial. You are on trial. Your faith is on trial. Every time something hits you, you’re on trial, and the trial is your faith and your faith is your action, your radical action towards who Christ is for you. So what are your actions at this point? Now, actions aren’t just things that you can see most times, sometimes it could be a mental action. Sometimes it’s an adjustment of attitude. Sometimes it’s an adjustment of a lens. Sometimes it’s an adjustment of what you’re looking at and how you’re perceiving certain things. And with a certain mindset, sometimes it’s casting things down. Sometimes it’s pulling down the strong hold, sometimes it’s just standing. And so you’re always doing something because you’re on trial, your faith is being tested all the time. But if you don’t understand that you’re being tested, and that you’re on a trial, and the trial is the Christ in you, who’s running the race, if you don’t understand that, you’re gonna think that you’re being attacked constantly. And you’re gonna have to sit there and protect yourself mentally, physically and emotionally from things that are going to happen to you no matter what. So here’s the thing. So do we put on the armor out of fear? Do we put the armor of God out of,

Oh, I don’t want anything to happen to me because even in Ephesians, chapter six, verse 12, if you read that we wrestle against flesh and blood, but against principalities and powers. And here’s the thing, when you know that you’re wrestling around about certain things, you have to put on the armor, but the armors put on, not saying you can disappear, not saying you can fight. But so you could stand during the trial. And when you stand, you stand in Christ and the darts Don’t go away, the fiery darts Don’t go away. The issues Don’t go away. You’re still there, you don’t turn invisible. The stuff doesn’t just fly away, because you speak over it. This stuff is sent to you, when I say sent to you. It’s everything that the world has, is hitting you to mold you not that God is sending it. But what God is doing is he’s turning every circumstance into a win for you, if you could just get into Christ because Christ has walked out victorious through life and death, and the resurrection and because of that, you can sit in Christ during the trial of your faith. And so what you’re doing is you’re being tried every day, by everybody and everything, constantly. Non Stop. And this is where maturity comes in. When you start recognizing that as a mature believer, you’re now walking out the inner man, which is the Christ in you. And see there’s there’s a difference between relationship and fellowship.

I will give you an example, Aviane. Aviane, you’re my son, right? Yeah. Okay. He’s my son. That’s the relationship we have through blood. He’s my son. He’s got the relationship. But what we work on is fellowship. When we talk, we hang out, he asks me questions, what’s going on what I do about this, what I do about that, and that’s called fellowship. The problem is, is that when a lot of us come into Christ, we always talk about we have a relationship, which means I’m a son or daughter of God. But what we lack is the the understanding that in fellowship, we talk to God about everything we say, okay, God, you see everything. What do you think about this? How do you see this circumstance What? What What do you see? What’s the mind that Christ has Lord? What do you see? And what do you think about this situation? Right here? How should I address this? Tell me how to address this. I will submit myself to you right now in what you tell me to do. But the problem is that we don’t focus on listening to God. We don’t focus on Okay, Lord, what should we do? What we do is we focus on our fears, our worries, and then we run around in circles, and then wonder why things fall apart. Right? Okay.//I don’t know what you’re talking about.// So let me finish reading this. Knowing this, that the trying of your faith Remember, you’re on trial constantly. The world is constantly having you on trial. Always. You’re always being called. Always your Christ is always being called to step forward to manifest right Here we go, knowing this, that the trying of your faith works patience. But let patience have her perfect work that you may be perfect and entire, wanting nothing, how could you want nothing? That’s very interesting.

Have you ever just not wanted anything, and just said, I’m settled, I don’t really want anything. I’m, whatever happens, happens because I know who my Christ is. And he’s gonna handle this. And I’m gonna walk this out in him. And I know that if I walk out this trial, that’s trying my faith that’s trying my Jesus, that’s trying to see if what is inside of me is really who He says He is, in this circumstance. If I understand this on a daily, that everything that happens to you will only make you better, stronger, wiser, right? And that’s what the walk is all about. But if you walk out carnality you’re gonna miss all of that. You won’t recognize any of it. And what will happen is you’ll feel like you’re constantly constantly being attacked. But there’s a difference between being attacked, and being trained. You want to be attacked, or do you want to be trained, and this is how you’ll know if you’re being attacked, because you can only treat people and what it is you believe that is happening to you. So if you believe you’re being attacked, you’re going to attack people, period. If you believe you’re being trained, you’re going to train people. If you believe God loves you, you’re gonna love people. If you believe God’s gonna condemn you, or Curse you, or has something coming towards you. That’s what you’re going to give to other people. This is why I tell people you have to get in the right mindset. You have to get in the right reality. You don’t want to live in the mind make fiction of this world. This world creates a fixture for you and puts you in it. And what ends up happening is as we’re walking Christianity out, walking out the Christ, we struggle, we fall and we stumble into the snares all day long because these snares are carnal snares.

And because the god of this world knows how to trap flesh how to trap carnality because he’s a part of that. We seem like we can never shake free from certain things that are attacking us, certain sins and issues in our lives. We go in circles over and over and over, we end up in a ditch every single time. And this is the reason because what shall we say about these things? Romans chapter eight, verse three, what shall we say to these things? Okay, if you’re struggling with porn, what should we say about that? Okay, I do not struggle with porn, flesh struggles with porn. carnality struggles with porn, and I am not a part of that. So I’m going to get in the spirit. Now I will feel temptation I will feel the urge, but I will resist right James chapter four, verse seven, I will submit myself to God, not to that I will submit myself to God, I will resist the devil. How do you do that? That’s in Ephesians chapter six, verse 12. You put on the armor, you stand and you realize that you’re in Christ. And that doesn’t mean that the attacks are going to stop. It doesn’t mean that the way you think is just going to quit. No, now, you have to put it, Second Corinthians chapter 10, verse five. Now you have to cast down imaginations. You’ve been imagining getting on there, you’ve been imagining these thoughts.

Now you take those thoughts captive, and you make them submit, and you make them obedient to Christ, which means you say no more. I will not think this way anymore. I am not a thought I’m having a thought. But you are not my master. I have a master and I will master my thoughts. I will master my members. First Thessalonians 4:4, I will take possession of my vessel with honor and I won’t allow you to tell me what to do. I will make you submit and you will do what the Christ says you will do. You will not serve anyone only the Lord shall you serve only him will you serve. Mind, only Him you will serve. Mouth, only Him will you serve Eyes, only Him you will serve. Ears, only Him you will serve members only Him you will serve. But the whole world will be bowing down to flesh in this world trying to tell you what you can and can’t do because them themselves have chains. And so as you’re in the arena, right, being trained, being hit with everything that the godless world has, you are in the fire constantly and you are being molded by fire because everything that fire pertains to in Christ is burning away. Everything that is not of God is refining you. So you have a refined walk. If you understand that you’re in the spirit you have a refined, new man coming out shiny and gold and glistening and just walking out the realities of God constantly being tried over and over and over and it gets hotter and it gets hotter and it gets hotter and it gets hotter. And then it gets so hot that the veil is totally gone. And the veil is this and it is gone. And There’s no longer you anymore. It’s only what’s inside of you, which is the Christ because you’ve been training ever since you woke up ever since you woke up from the dead ever since you stood up ever since you became the new man in Christ. You’ve been training every single day, every single day. That’s why the Holy Spirit’s called the teacher because he comes to teach you how to walk through the fire because you are fire. If that makes any sense. There’s so much to that.

So, do you want to be trained or do you want to be attacked? That’s why I tell people, whatever is inside is gonna come out. Whatever’s inside you is gonna come out. So you don’t want to attack people. You want to train people. And it’s win win for the people in the kingdom. Because even if they do attack you, it trains you, because it teaches you how to humble out. It teaches you how to submit to the Spirit of God. It teaches you how to see things It teaches you to have compassion. It teaches you how to see the circumstances. From the right perspective. Are you an ambassador of Christ? Okay, so Lord Jesus, how would you handle this situation right here? And he would say it’s in my word. I wrote it down for a reason. You saw how I handled it. You saw I handled it, every situation is in here. And not only did I show you how to handle it. I showed you how to make disciples so they can handle it. And so they could walk it out. So you can be everything that I said you are. Right. So how do you count it all joy?

How do you count it all joy because you’re getting better. Your getting better. Every day. You go from glory to glory, you’re getting better. You’re getting better. Okay, I feel down today. But you know what? I stood up today. I woke up better today. Let’s say you’re struggling with with alcoholism, same thing. You don’t struggle with alcoholism, flesh struggles with alcoholism. addiction. You don’t struggle with addiction. The spirit doesn’t struggle with addiction. The spirit is free. Flesh struggles with addiction.