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Flesh Versus Spirit

We are commanded not to live in the flesh but we have a body so how does that work biblically? This is a topic that is very rarely discussed in the body due to the so-called complexity of the topic. But not today ladies and gentlemen — watch as Pete Cabrera Jr breaks it down so simple. This is the way things should be taught in its simplest form.
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Stuck in Emotions

 Are you stuck in emotions and need to get into the realities of God’s Kingdom? Do you know the difference between an emotion and an actually attack from the enemy? This video explains what most fail to explain when it comes to walking out Kingdom realities and relying on the finished work of Jesus. You are not an emotion you are a child of God.
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Why you Keep Sinning

The hidden truths behind, why you keep sinning! Understanding how the carnal mind works and why you feel like you’re hitting a wall. It’s a simple fix but a hard reality to grasp!
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