Pete Cabrera Jr. Facebook Live August 26, 2020

Pete Cabrera Jr. Facebook Live August 26, 2020 Part 1 of 4 What’s up everybody, my name is Pete Cabrera Jr. With Royal family International University. School of identity and […]

Back to Basics Questionnaire

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Living in a Mind Made Fiction

Real Versus Fiction

 This video talks about the mind made fiction that our minds make up for us to live in. We can find ourselves trapped in a mind made fiction instead […]

Flesh Versus Spirit

Flesh Versus Spirit

We are commanded not to live in the flesh but we have a body so how does that work biblically? This is a topic that is very rarely discussed in […]

Stuck in Emotions

Stuck in Emotions Image

 Are you stuck in emotions and need to get into the realities of God’s Kingdom? Do you know the difference between an emotion and an actually attack from the […]

Why you Keep Sinning

Why you keep sinning

The hidden truths behind, why you keep sinning! Understanding how the carnal mind works and why you feel like you’re hitting a wall. It’s a simple fix but a hard […]

How to get in the most high places

Most High Places

The brutal truth that’s not being taught in the body of Christ! How to get into the most high places of the Kingdom of God and the victories you are […]

Biblically with Pastor Jeffrey Rogers

Biblically with Pastor Jeffrey Rogers

The controversy that has followed the question: Can a born again believer in Jesus be demon possessed? Pastor Jeffrey Rogers and I will address the question everyone wants to know. […]

Casting out Devils

Casting out Devils Image

I find it very interesting that the people of God, who studied under the Hebrew and those under the Torah teachings, never had issues with what we call evil spirits, […]

Demon Possession

Demon Possession Image

This is a teaching I put out to get you to open your bible and do the work and search out what it is that we have been taught. I […]