Devil/Demon Slayer part 2

But that they’re walking out the nature of them. They know that they have the Holy Spirit inside of them. But he’s saying you will not walk out this you will not be a slander, you will not do this you will not is they’re not it’s not it’s not a choice. It’s a command, you will not do that memory to watch. Without natural affections, truth makers, false accusers. It’s alright to just read it. It’s an amazing reality. So let’s go to another let’s go to Titus 2:3


I get excited. Because when you know you were when you understand what you’re reading, it’s just like, Okay, alright, so how do I protect myself from this stuff? Well, obviously, I’m going to explain to you why this is happening. Or I wouldn’t be showing this to you. Alright, let’s go to Titus. This is very interesting. So am I saying that they’re not being influenced? No. Am I saying that this stuff ain’t real? No, what I’m addressing is why is it that Jesus is using the exact same words when he’s addressing the devil, as you’re using here in the church?


Titus 2:3 Here goes. The age women likewise, that they be in behavior as becoming holiness, not false accusers. Once again, that word they’re in second in Titus two, three is false accusers, which is the word Diablo. So this was very interesting to me. And I’m going to tell you why it’s interesting to me.


Because this proves


that you can be a Christian, and manifest the devil all day long. And you know how you manifest the devil? By slandering people? By slandering, you know, slandering is talking about them, not being positive, talking trash. Oh, here’s what faults accusing people who will lie and sway and do things, right. So let me ask


you something. What would happen?


If you heard of people who cast out devils all day long, but slender people, and falsely accused people, and treat people just how Titus two, three, Second Timothy three, three, and First Timothy 311, this means that you’re manifesting the very thing you’re trying to cast out of people, which makes no sense. Because if you’re casting out demons, and you’re casting out spirits, and you are reflecting, slandering, and you’re reflecting, faults accusing, and you’re doing this within the body, guess what, according to Jesus’s word, your father is the devil, which means you are a child of the devil. So how do you cast out a demon out of someone who is a devil? It proves that that person or any person who was slander, or talk trash or false accuse, is not, is not hear me up is not a child of God, because a child of God puts faith in the Word of God. And the word of God tells us how we should behave towards one another. Now, there’s nothing anybody can say or do within the scriptures that can make you escape the fact that you should not slander no matter what you should not falsely accused, no matter what you should not cause division, no matter what, who’s the accuser of the brethren. So once again, and I’m not even addressing half the stuff I want to address. I’m just talking about. I am talking about addressing the devils in the body of Christ. They don’t have a spirit, they refuse to submit to the Spirit of Christ. They’re allowing their flesh to take them captive, so they can go and run the muck. And what they’ll do and what people do when they get in the flesh is they will accuse everyone, they will false accuse everyone. They will make up stories about everyone. They will lie to sway everyone, they will make people see people with a negative light, and that is from the devil himself. So to anyone watching anyone who wants to go out and cast out devils. My first job is that you You clean your own house before you go clean somebody else’s house, because that house within is the Christ within us. And we have to walk out there appears form of reality. So here’s the problem. Here’s the problem. What good is casting out Devils out of people when we’re not even mature enough to keep our own temple clean. And this is what the whole series is about. Look, this isn’t about walking out manifestation of healing. This isn’t about walking the manifestation of cast out devils. This is about us walking out our walk with integrity, and everything that we do will reflect the Christ in us. Indeed, Edward, it didn’t work. And so I’m gonna break this down, I’m gonna break this down in a way that’s going to be so amazing, because I’m going to show you how you can walk out freedom on every level. The reason that a lot of men and women have got struggle with demonic things is because they’re walking out there realities and the nature of the demonic things that we’ve been purged from. We’ve been translated from the kingdom of darkness into the kingdom of his dear son. But for some weird reason, we live in the flesh, and we still walk out the nature of the very thing that Jesus came to kill within us now. Colossians three, three will tell us. It tells us to Colossians three, three, that you are dead and your life is hidden


in Christ with God.


And we know that when were baptized, were baptized into his death. Now, he said put off and this isn’t he finishes chapter four, he says, Put off the old man and put on the new now when you put on the new means that you no longer slandered, you no longer falsely accuse. You no longer talk negative you don’t talk talk mean you no longer disrespect you walk out, you walk honorably doubt what’ll happen. And this is what I want to address is that Jesus, when he was killed in Jerusalem, it was because he was addressing this. He was addressing the corruption within the religious people who would refuse to love their enemies who would refuse to love people who needed God who needed the message, Jesus came to them. And these are the priests. These are the priests. Now I got to teach it. I’m putting out just on this, that the priesthood was very corrupt. Jesus was ministering for three years. And he was talking to the Pharisees and


the Sadducees,


for three years just confronting them. But you only address the high priests, the priests, chiefs, the chief priests for one week, and he lost his life. One week he addressed the religious and the people that were corrupt, that were not allowing the people to come to God, because they were saying, you were unclean. You don’t deserve a God has something wrong with you. And it kept doing that Jesus purge the temple saying, this has become a den of thieves. And it’s funny because the temple is for the chief priests that dwell there. So who is he calling thieves? He’s calling the priest, D. Why? Because they refuse to allow the people to come to God, and to receive what it is that God has for them, because they’re so religious, that they’re putting devils and demons and all the things that have worked on people, instead of giving them the Christ to set


them free.


Read your Bibles.


That’s what all that’s about.


So if we are to be followers of Christ, and if this is what Jesus taught, then what should we be teaching? What should we be standing for? What should we be fighting for? We should be fighting for freedom for all the sheep, and the last people, we should be fighting for their freedom, so they could be free. My job is not to put things on you. My job is to teach you to take the old off and teach you how to put on




That is the main job of a born again believer to help you manifest the realities of God’s kingdom and what he died to put into you. So the problem is, because we get into the flesh, and we refuse to accept identity, because Christ is our identity, if you don’t know that Christ is your identity, that is you are Christ, but that your identity is Christ, because now you’re in him and even Paul confirms this in Galatians 220. I am crucified with Christ, who is crucified with Christ. My own man is crucified with Christ.


It is no longer I who live


but Christ who lives in me and the life I now live. I live by the faith of the Son of God. So now if you’re walking by his faith, not by your faith, wouldn’t it make sense to know what it is you’re actually walking out? If you don’t know who the Christ is? How can you walk out who he is? If you don’t know what he is doing in this one? If you don’t know why he can’t, if you don’t know why he died, if you don’t know what his message is, if you don’t know why he went to the last sheet, if you don’t know why he went to the gym, If you don’t know why heal the sick, if you don’t know why I did these things, how you going to know why you’re doing it. And the main issue here is that we want to become


specialists instead of teaching the


full Council of God’s work, and we got to read the full Council of God’s Word. And the full Council is always there’s judgment coming in. It’s coming through the people that you refuse to love is coming to the people that you refuse to give them what I wanted to give them. Let God use the Babylonian king, Nebuchadnezzar, he used him to bring destruction on them because they refused. They refuse to love. They refuse to do what God says. And here comes Jesus into Jerusalem. And he says, it’s coming again. The judgment is coming again, love your enemies, the Romans are going to crush you. If you don’t love your enemies. If you don’t put down the sword. If you don’t love your enemies, you are going to be crushed. And guess what? They didn’t listen. And Jesus cried, and he told him, love your enemies. Don’t talk about your enemies. Don’t hate your enemies. Don’t bash them. Don’t slander, don’t talk trash on them. Don’t do that. Don’t do that. Because the judgment of God is coming in is going to come through those that you refuse to love and you’re gonna be crushed in a dust. But guess


what? No.


It’s devils inside of them. Is devils inside of them. Is it the same devils that we’re in? john chapter 844?


When you said your father’s the devil.


Same devils are different ones. Different spirits. I don’t get it.


Same ones. It’s still


in the church today. Jesus said you know better, you know better. He even says you trample underfoot. You travel it under foot. It’s crazy. He says that I think I actually wrote down the verse


where he says that. I don’t know if I have it here.


But I wrote down the verses very interesting.


Maybe I don’t have it. Yes. And he’s zekiel 34. I’m going to read it to you. This is this is interesting.


This is what it guides the enemies within.


It’s within. It’s within. See, we’re too busy fighting demons out there that we don’t address our own camp. And we adjust our own camp. And we do it the way Jesus did it. We don’t do it the way we want to do it. We do it the way Jesus did it. And Jesus said, Love your enemies, how much more your brothers. But the problem is we want to call our brothers our enemies and then treat them it doesn’t matter. Jesus said, you have to love one another.


Speak good about one another.


But what we do is we want to say Well, you know what? their false doctrines or false teachings, so we’re just gonna have at it. No, you have no excuse. No one has an excuse to mistreat anyone. And I want to address this in the teachers. But anyways, I’m gonna read this here real quick. So am I saying there isn’t any evil spirits. That’s not what I’m talking about. I’m not addressing whether Christians can have demons. I’m not addressing whether Krishna could be possessed. That’s not what I’m addressing. What I’m addressing is what’s going on in our own house? What’s going on within our own body? What’s going in? What’s going on within the body of believers? I’m gonna tell you what’s going on, is that we’re becoming slanders. We’re becoming false accusers. And we’re becoming devil. So how do I cast the devil out of someone who is one, that’s my point. Because if you’re born again, and you’re working out a slander, and you’re walking out a devil, it doesn’t mean that you’re demon possessed, it just means you’re acting like when you need to stop, you need to stop, and you have the Holy Spirit, and it’s too late. A Galatians 522, you have self control, that just because you’re manifesting the devil doesn’t mean you have one. It just means you need to stop because you have the Holy Spirit and greatest he that’s in me, then he was in the world. So obviously, it’s in the world, but you’re walking out within the world instead of what’s inside it. So let’s manifest you the crisis inside of us. But we refuse to believe this truth.


It’s very interesting.


Very interesting. So let me go to and you know, what, if you don’t, why do these teachings, because I don’t want you to be ignorant. I don’t want you to be ignorant when it comes to the things that God because if you’re mistreating people, you already you’re ready to see the very, the very thing that God has called us to do is to love one another, and to honor one another, and to respect one another. And if you’re not doing that, you’re already deceived, which means that anything that comes out of you, at that point, doesn’t mean anything. If you’re already walking out the nature of the devil, which means that everything you do will come out of that lens, and that lens needs to come off. We need to repent from that that’s what the repentance is all about. repenting has changed from your ways, repent from the things you’re doing, repent for how you treated people repent for what you’re saying and what you’re doing. It’s not that way. It’s this way you thought it was this way. And then we’re waiting on Jesus to come because they wanted him to destroy their enemies and Jesus came and said, I’m not going to destroy my enemies, I’m going to love them.


Isn’t that our teacher?


Are we followers of Christ? So if Jesus said, I didn’t come to destroy my enemies, then what is it that we should do?


If we are followers of Christ, our


nature should line up to the nature of Christ, which means if he said, I didn’t come to condemn, that means you don’t come to condemn, I came to say, which means you came to say,


say what that future was lost.


But I find it very issue that brothers and sisters will fight and they won’t save a relationship. They’ll push further away, and they’ll get mad, and they’ll cause issues instead of bringing unity. And just said, Hey, I want to gather you all, guess what, all is all. He wants to gather all of us in his arms. He wants to do that. But there has to be unity in it all. And they’re just happy there is it. And it’s because of the devils in the churches, because the devils and the Satan’s in the church, the slanders the false accusers, and they just love it because it’s the nature of the beast. It’s the nature of the beast. So we’re to walk out the nature of Christ, the nature of Christ. That’s what we do. But it’s very interesting. So I’m going to read it to you. I’m going to I’m going to show you how God was addressing the city’s EQ. This is eq 3417.


Look what he says.


3470 listen to what he says. And as for you, oh, my flock, does set the Lord God behold,


a judge between cattle


and cattle, between RAMs, and the goats. seem it is a small thing unto you to have eaten up the good pasture, but you must tread down with your feet, the residue of your pasture, and to have drunk of the deep waters, but you must fall in reduced residue with your heel. And as for you, my flock, they eat that what you have trotted with your feet in a drink that which you have fouled with your feet, therefore it does set the Lord God unto them Behold, I, even I would judge between the fat cattle in between the lean cow, because you have thrust with side and was shoulder and pushed all the diseased with your horns to you have scattered them abroad, watch this. Therefore, well, I say my flock, and they shall no more be a prey, and I would judge between cattle and cattle. And I was set up one Shepherd over them, and he shall feed them. Every servant, David he shot feed them and he shall be their shepherd and I the Lord will be their God and my servant David, a prince among them, and the Lord has spoken. And I will make with them the covenant of peace and will cause the evil beast to cease out of the land. And they shall dwarf safely in the wilderness, sleeping in the woods and I will make them and the place round about my Hill a blessing and over caused the shower to come down. In a season there shall be showers of blessings and the tree of the field


shall yield her fruit. Here’s what this is talking about.


If you are not taking care of the sheep, if you are not taking care of them, if you’re pushing them aside if you’re pushing them away, if you’re hitting the disease with your heart and tell him to leave and move cows away.


That’s why judgment always comes man. Because the shepherds refuse. The shepherds refuse to love the sheep. They refuse. And so I’m going to address the elephant in the room with this series. And I’m going to I’m breaking it on I just give you a little little taste of what what I’m doing a little taste. I’m not even addressing the Hebrew yet, which I’m going to. I’m going to address the Hebrew I’m going to address the serpent I’m gonna address fallen angels. I’m gonna address ages I’m gonna address demons. I’m gonna address devils, I’m gonna dress Satan, I’m gonna dress loose. I’m gonna address all of it biblically, not theologically, based on people’s theology, biblically, biblically. So I’m not going to preach what I think. I’m going to show you what the Word says. There’s a difference between teaching what you believe, and preaching what the Word says.


Preaching what the Word says.


is better off because the Word of God doesn’t change a belief system does. Right? So


am I saying


me out now?


Am I saying this is the issue that a lot of people don’t understand about what I teach. Am I saying that Christians cannot be influenced by devils and demons? It’s proven


that they can be.


But I’m addressing why it’s happening. Why are they being influenced? Because they’re listening to the wrong voice. Just because you’re manifesting a double doesn’t mean you have one, it just means you’re listening to the wrong




And just because you’re listening to the wrong spirit,


doesn’t mean you have it. Big difference. Big difference. We don’t teach that. We do not teach that and we should, because the last time I checked, First Corinthians six says that those who are joined to the law, I think, a 617, those who are joined to the Lord, become one spirit. So if I become one spirit, then I ns spirit, does that mean I have a spirit? It just means I’m being influenced by something. And when you’re being influenced by something, you’re gonna manifest something that is not you. So your job is to manifest who you are in Christ. So once again, am I addressing with a Christian can have an evil spirit. I’m saying this according to the Word of God, you can be a devil, not have one big difference. You can be a devil, the same way that the scripture said in john chapter six, verse 17, have an I chose 12 to you, and one of you, is a devil. So now if you are a devil, how do you cast out devils?


That’s easy. That’s very


easy. If you refuse to listen to the spirit that’s inside of you, which is Christ,


and you refuse


to humble out and you refuse to walk out the fruit of the Spirit, and you refuse to listen, then you got


to get cast up.


You gotta go.


You gotta go. Because this


isn’t even a matter of whether spirit owns you. This is a matter of what you’re going to submit to, and what you’re going to listen to. And even the Bible says, Don’t let things have power over you. And if you have self control, and First Thessalonians four, four says that what he wants you to what to possess your vessel, so we have no excuse. As Christians we have no excuse to not possess our vessel in sanctification, and honor if you do not possess your vessel


and sanctification and honor


you are not walking out the gospel. You are not walking out faith, the Bible