Devil/Demon Slayer part 3

It says that without faith, it’s impossible to please God, because faith is an action, you walk out what you believe. And if you work out that you believe that you have the Holy Spirit, you will actually behave and manifest what it is you believe you have. Now, if you believe you have another spirit inside you, then you don’t believe what the Word of God said that you have been cleansed, and you have been made righteous, and you are made a new man in Christ, and that you are a new creation, and you’re not believing that. But that’s not my fault. That’s your fault. My job is not to teach you to believe something. My job is to take to obey what the Word says. And the word says that you are in Christ. Now what you do with that, that’s up to you. Now, if you want to believe you have demons, you have that right. If you want to believe you’re full of devil, if you have that, right, you have the right to believe whatever you want, you’re entitled to your belief, just in the same way as I’m entitled to stand on the Word of God. In the same way, in the same way, what reality are you walking out? Are you walking out with the word says, Are you walking out what you believe? That’s the question. So now, what are you walking out? And if you don’t know how to walk it out, maybe you should learn who you are. Because you can’t walk out Christ if you don’t know who he is. But you got people that will tell you, hey, it’s not about knowing who Christ is. It’s about knowing everything else. I hate to tell you this. But that’s the fate that’s that’s the will of God that everybody would come to know Christ, to know him. So don’t you want to know him? And once you know him, First Peter, Second Peter, chapter one, verse two, Grace and peace be multiplied on to you through the knowledge of Him through the knowledge of Him. So what do you know about him? What do you know about him? The greatest verse you’ll ever have, I think it’s Romans 831 831. Let me make sure because when I make mistakes, people Oh, he made a mistake. Yeah, I made a mistake. Because just to prove to you that you can make mistakes, I’m entitled to it. Right, because we’re all learning. Don’t we have the Holy Spirit? The Holy Spirit’s a teacher, right. So what’s he teaching you? Yeah, see, but those who aren’t humble can learn from the Holy Spirit, because they have it all figured out. Right? So let me go to Romans 831. And I love I love learning. And I was just talking to Dave about this the other day, they’re like, dude, you misquote this and this, I’m like, yeah, leave it up. Leave them his quota. Why? To show them, they don’t have it all figured out, to show them that mistakes happen to show them that I’ll have it all figured out to show them that I have enough grace that I’m gracious enough to show who I really am that I’m gracious enough to show the world that I’m learning and growing, just like you and I will talk to you and show you that hey, I have issues too. We all have issues, but we all have Christ and because I’m showing you that you have hope because if you can do it for me, he can do it for you. But if everybody’s perfect.


As far as you got to do it, man, you got to do it. So 831 Here we go.

Watch, shall we say to these things?

Romans 831 What shall we say to these things? Watch this. Perfect, john.


I have a spirit inside of me.

What shall we say to these things? No. You know, you have the Holy Spirit inside you if you’re born again. And you’re in Christ and greatest he that’s in you and he’s in the world.

No, but you don’t understand I have these thoughts and these okay.

Sync Corinthians chapter 10 verse five, I believe right. Same Corinthians chapter. Is it 10 verse five and make sure Oh, yeah, sacred this chapter 10 verse five, I’m casting down every imagination every high thing that exalts itself against the knowledge of God, bringing into captivity every thought, cabinetry obedience of Christ. So why are you thinking that? What shall we say to these things? Okay, let me tell you what to say to these things. Know why James four, seven, resist

the devil. And he’ll flee.

But p I needed to come out.

All right, well, first Thessalonians four four, tells us that you should learn to possess your vessel. start learning now. Tell him to go or I don’t know how Resist the devil, and he’ll flee. But I’m oppressed, counted all joy. No, but I’m, I’m struggling, I’m struggling. No, you’re not struggling. You don’t know how to process what’s going on with you. You’re in Christ, and you’re learning to renew your mind. Romans chapter 12, verse two, you’re not conformed

to this world, which means don’t listen to it,

but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Heal, but I, I’m being attacked. No. You’re being trained. No, you don’t understand. I have anxiety. Nope. You have peace. Galatians chapter 522 says, you have the fruit of the Spirit. Oh, no, but I’m a drunkard. Galatians 519 says the works of the flesh are manifest. No, but it’s a demon manifesting. You’re not supposed to manifest that you’re supposed to manifest. Jesus. Well, I don’t know how to do that. Well, that’s because you haven’t really submitted to Christ yet. No, but I have I gave my life to Him. Giving your life to Him. And submitting to him are not the same. It’s not the same. Giving your life to Him and submitting to him are not the same. submitting to him means that you listen to what the Word says. And you get your identity and your walk from what he says, not from what anyone else says. No, but I’m a disciple of Christ than if you’re a disciple of Christ. What shall we say to these things? Because if you’re a disciple, then you do what he said, Do and he told you to abide in His Word. He said that in john chapter 831. I believe this makes sure.

They said Jesus to those Jews was believed on him. If you continue in my word, then are you my disciples, so are you a disciple? Yeah. Then you need to continue in His Word, in his work, not in peace word, not in anybody else’s word in His Word, and what he said, What did he said, What’s the word set? Okay, here we go. And you shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free. So now, are you a disciple? What’s the word set? You should know the word if your disciple. Oh, look, what’s the difference between disciple and the Christian? A Christian is not in the word all the time. A disciple is a disciple breaks down the word, a disciple does study, a disciple gives their life to learn. That’s what they do.

Why? Let me show you why.

Let me show you why we do this.

And this is this is the reason right here. It’s a

second Timothy 316. This is why we get in the word right here. All scripture all, not just the ones you want to pick, not just the ones you want to stand on, not just the ones that confirm what you believe. All scripture is given by inspiration of God, which means that you are to use all Scripture, not this book, not this person, not his examples, not his experiences not hit No. All scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine. So you can have a doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness, which means that if you’re going to correct someone, and better be done righteously, it better be done righteously. If you’re going to correct someone, it better be done. Right? If you can instruct someone, it better be done right? If you’re going to come against someone, and better become you better do it, right. If there’s going to be reprove a better be right, which means that it needs to be righteous and how you do it, which means that it’s Christ. In You see, no one can be righteous, but what comes out of you when you’re correcting is Christ. So it needs to come out like your teacher, and it needs to come out the right way. If it’s pushing people down, if it’s calling people names, if it’s slandering, away, that’s the devil, if it’s slandering, is the devil, if it’s accusing is the devil, that is not your teacher, Jesus is your teacher, as disciples of Christ, we’re to do it how the Word says, and what else to say that the man of God may be perfect, thoroughly furnished unto all good work. So anyone who has anything against with what I’m saying, is should be done, right? And why? Because you want to draw me in because you want to correct me the right way. So you can bring me what, it’s all good works, which means that you want better for me, so I can be better to help people be better. It’s a good work. So if anybody has anything against me or anyone else, and they want to say things, you have to do it according to the Word of God, which we do it in love. The problem is a lot of us don’t want to do it, because we’re doing it in the flesh. And the flesh doesn’t want to do it that way. So now, is there devils in the church? Oh, yeah. Oh, yeah. All kinds. And our job is to cast out devils, isn’t it? Isn’t our job to cast out devils? Is that our job? So how do you cast out slanderous? How do you cast out false accusers? How do you do that? How do you cast out devils? That’s easy? Stop. Don’t do that. That’s not acceptable. You know, better, you know better. But I’m under the influence of a double read your word, No, you’re not. You’re listening to the lie. You’re listening to the lie. He’s a liar, the father of it. He’s a father lies, he’s lying to you. He’s lying to you. So now.

Here’s where I get serious.

If you as a Christian, if you believe that you’re under an demonic attack, which I believe if you believe that you’re under a demonic attack, and you’re having these issues, and you’re going through these things, God has given us His word, and his spirit. And you can go free right now. Right now, you can go free right now, read your Bibles, I’m going to say something is going to be very shocking, or what I’m going to say right now, very shocking. But this is this is it’s biblical. Read it in Exodus, when they left Egypt, and I’m going to address this,

I’m gonna address this in,

I’m gonna address this I have to address it is so powerful.

If you remember, I did a video a while back about the Gods of Egypt.

And somebody had made a video saying that

these gods are really demons. Once again, I have to go by what the Word says. And the word does not say there were demons, the word does not say was fallen angels. The word says they were called the Gods of Egypt. So now, if that’s what the Word says it is, then that’s what it is. The Bible says that we’re not to change anything, that the word says that we’re not to change words, or to change anything. And anyone who does, is cursed. So that word there is Gods of Egypt. Anyone who tells you this not Gods of Egypt, anyone who tells you to this demons and devils and evil spirits, anyone who tells you that that is not what the Word says. That’s what they believe. Now, they’re entitled to their belief. Everybody is so I’m not knocking him if that’s what they want to believe. So I want to address something just right here, and I’m gonna address this in in the actual teaching that I’m putting up. When God said, When Adam and Eve fell, when Adam and he fell, he said, Now they’ll be like us.

Now they’ll be like us.

We read it.

This is what I love about the word you can escape it. It’s right here.

And the Lord God said, Behold, the man has become as one of us

to know good and evil.

Unless you put forth his hand and take also to the tree of life really forever. So God is saying that we became like him and he’s got now here’s what’s interesting Jesus says this have an I said, that you are God’s. So when Jesus says, have an I said, Dave, can you put that up here? That verse where Jesus says, haven’t I said that you are God’s?

what’s very interesting about that your mail what I’m gonna say?

When he says, didn’t I say that you are gods? That word Gods there

is the same word.

As the word use the Gods of Egypt. Now, I know that we’re not fallen angels, and we’re not demons. That word they’re used as gods. Now when he says the Gods of Egypt What happened?

All of a sudden now you’re not Gods so now let’s address Gods gods.

According to the word, according to the word.

Gods are graven images, or

what people worship as creators. Now you have this God called hoppy the river God so now yes, there you go. So there’s this God called the hot copy, which is the river gun I’m going to do this in the teaching. hobby is called the river gosee. That’s john 1034. Hobbes called the river God. Now let me know this addresses. Now he’s the God of the river hoppy and I think it’s hoppy. Do your homework on it. So hoppy gives life? So this the river God that gives life? Let’s just address it for what it is. So the Egyptians said, Our God is hoppy.

Now what I find very interesting,

is the gypsies weren’t serving demons. They were serving gods, according to their understanding. These are our gods, the Gods of Egypt. So they weren’t like devil worshipers. We call them devil worshipers because we’re Christians. But they weren’t worshipping devils they were worshipping what they believe were gods and hoppy was in now God who gave life was this. So was hoppy, a real God? Now, a God brings life in a God brings the water, but God confirmed that. That wasn’t true. So now, God is the one that makes the river.

God is the one that brings life, God. So now

based on just that, because it says God didn’t say demons. And but if if isn’t demons even easier? Because then you said, well, they’re just liars. They’re just liars. But the word users gods, gods, you can’t you can’t change it, you can change it. But I mean, it’s just, if you’re teaching, you can’t do that. You can’t change one word into another just because it suits your your doctrine, you can’t do that. I can’t say that. They’re demons, because that’s not what it says. And as a teacher, I have to read what’s written, and what’s written, it says, God’s, it doesn’t say, demons. Now, we will confirm that they’re demons. But I just confirm to you, according to First Timothy, and second Timothy, and Titus, that devils are slanders, and false accusers. And I’ve confirmed that I’m now one in the church, which we know is not true. So I can’t do that. I can’t change that. I can’t, I can’t just change that theology, because I can’t just do that. So I can’t just change a word. Because I want to you don’t do that. You can’t change the word just because you want to. So it says God. So now. We know that the only one that brings it reverses God, the only one that creates the harvest is God. The only one that controls the frogs is God. We know that bale doesn’t control the sun. We know that’s not a true God. Right? We only got creases, and so all these gods are false gods. They’re worshipping them as gods. It doesn’t say that worshipping devils. It doesn’t say that worshipping demons. It doesn’t say that. It says gods. So if we’re looking at it from that perspective, then those are false gods. And the Bible says there’s only one true God. So if there’s only one true God, and these are gods, that means they’re not real, they’re false. So if they’re false gods, it means they’re not real. So now, if you want to change it from Gods to demons, and you have to say they’re not real, those demons are real, because you’re talking about Gods but then you’d say, No, these are demons behind the gods. Okay, so then what are demons? Do? They lie? Okay, once again, even if it was a demon, even if it was that they’re lying. So now, here’s where it gets exciting, is where it gets exciting. So let’s just say that these gods are demons. They just say, Where do they live?

where they live. Where do these demons live?

According to that theology, there are people. There are people according to the theology of the devils and demons, they’re in people because we’re casting them out.

We’re just talking theology now.

So based on our theology, if these are not gods and their devils and demons, Where do they live? Are they just floating around? Or are they possessing the Egyptians? And the juice? Where are they? Are they just kind of like hiding in the mountain? Do they have to be in people? Right? Because that’s what humans do. You have to cast out devils. So obviously, they’re in the people, if this is what we say it is. Okay, so now, let’s say that in the people

when God says to free

there’s this thing called the Red Sea. Right? I’m Song, the water opens up. And here comes these people full of devils and demons, because they’re gyptians. Obviously coming to kill people got their, I guess their manifestos going on, but they’re coming after them.


what’s God do? He, he kills him with water. He floods them. That’s pretty interesting. So now, if he flooded them, he didn’t really get them. Because they’re spirits, and they just floated out. And we didn’t stop them at all just stop flash, but there’s still spirits. And so now these spirits, they follow them into the wilderness because according to our doctrine, when demons get cast out, they go into the wilderness. But then at the people of God go into the wilderness.

Okay, so did they follow them? Or did they go back to Egypt?

Because this is a doctrine that we’re saying we’re saying these are devils in them, so they went back to Egypt to do what

to do up. Okay. So now,

based on that, okay, based on that, based on that reality, this is just, I’m just I’m just thinking here I’m just I’m just reading my work okay, because I actually do critical thinking.

In Genesis chapter six.

There’s another flood that happens

if flooded the world, the same thing that happened in Exodus Ain’t that interesting?

Okay, so now

as a Christian, don’t we