Devil/Demon Slayer part 4


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As a Christian dont we get baptized? What does that baptism represent? Something dying? What died in the Red Sea? What died in Genesis six? What died when you got baptized? Did it die? Or did it go? What? So now I’m going to just all of this. I’m gonna just all of a sudden, the elephant address the elephant in the room addressing all of this, just to get you to dig in your word and to look it up. So now, am I saying? Am I saying that devils aren’t real? On the contrary, I’m proving to you that they’re very real. Am I saying that demons don’t exist? On the contrary, I’m showing you where they’re at. am I saying that evil spirits don’t attack people. On the contrary, I’m showing you Yes, this is very real. But in the midst of me showing you what’s going on, I’m going to show you how to be free from them all the time, biblically. And I think that’s what we all want. If that is not what you want, you’re on the wrong side. Because we want people to be free from demonic attack, want people to be free, and he will the sun sets free is free indeed. So my job is that you rely on the Christ in you to keep you free. Because if he can keep you free, he can keep you healthy, he can keep you happy, he could keep you, he could keep you blessed, he could keep you in every way he could keep you in everything that it is that you need. So why wouldn’t you want that reality? Why wouldn’t you want to live in complete victory, and there’s a way to do it. The problem is, we don’t want to do it. Why? Because it takes work. And nobody that I know that comes against what I teach wants to do the work. And so I want to bring you to a place where you can thrive with God, and you can work with Holy Spirit, and he can train you and show you and guide you and lead you into all truth and Nat is the heart of God. So if you don’t agree with me, I’m okay with that. If you don’t want to hear what I have to say, I’m okay with that. If you don’t agree, and you think I’m a liar, a false prophet, a possessed or, or confused, or a false teacher, I’m okay with that. I’m okay, really, I’m okay with that. But that is not going to stop the fact that I’ve been called to preach the Word of God. And all of us are called to do that. Now, I may not agree with the way you do it. But I’m not going to get in your way. I’m not going to get in your way. I’m going to say hey, go do it. Go do it. And the problem that we have as Christians is that we want to slander each other. And we want to accuse people. And according to the Word of God, that’s the devil. And so, if you’re going to call me a devil, and I’m going to call you a devil, it’s only because I’m slandering you, or accusing you or coming against you. Because that’s the nature of the devil. And this is why Jesus said, Go, no, you’re my disciples, if you love one another. If you don’t love one another, you’re none of mine. Well, if you’re not none of his who’s are you? The devils. So, this is how, you know, this is how, you know, this is how you know,

I think is in first john chapter four. I think. It says that. Everyone who confesses, and I don’t call me on this, everyone who confesses that Jesus came in the flashes of God, and everyone that confesses that Jesus did not come in the flesh is not a guy. And this is how you know whether it’s the spirit of air or the Spirit of God, this is how you’ll know right there. So my job is to confess that Jesus came in the flesh. So you can walk out who Jesus is, in the flesh, not manifesting flesh, but manifesting him in your reality is walking out who the Christ is and using your flesh as members of Rice’s bringing them into submission. So you can walk out who the crisis that’s my job. My job as a teacher is to do that. If a teacher does not teach you to walk out who Jesus is, they’re not a follower of Christ. Because a follower of Christ would teach you to walk out the nature and the realities of Christ in every area of your walk. If you are not getting that you are not a disciple of Christ, you are religious, and you’re angry at people who are coming against the very thing that has you in bondage, which is religious spirits, and when I say religious spirits is just the things that we should not be listening to. So I’m for you. I’m not against you. I want the best for you. And I’m putting this up. And I need your guys’s help to push this thing, and I’m gonna put it out there, and only you guys, because it’s gonna set people free. A lot of it’s this hidden a pillar, a pillar that’s gonna concern a lot of people free because it’s about walking out who Christ is, I’m not coming against people. See, I know the difference. I’m not coming against people. See, the enemy wants you to come against people. You know that, right? Because when people get their identity, from a doctrine, and you attack a doctrine, it feels like you’re attacking them. This is why I tell people you get you need to get your identity from the Word of God. Because the Word of God doesn’t need to be protected, the Word of God will stand solid forever. He says he raises his word above his name. So if you get your identity from the Word of God, and then tap what it is you teach, you don’t get sad, because it’s not affecting you because you stand on the Word of God, and you get your identity from him. Now, if you get your identity from a doctrine or belief system, and someone attacks your belief system, you’re going to get really upset because you’re going to feel like they’re attacking you, but it’s not you. It’s a doctrine and a belief, and you are not a belief. You’re a child of God, and you get to walk out a belief, but that is not your identity, your identity is in Christ. And no one can hurt you when you know you’re in Christ, because he’s the armor. And nothing really affects you on that mat. Now, you’ll get sad and hurt like that.


the reality is, you got to know who God is. Right? So I know the difference between challenging the doctrine and challenging me now if anybody wants to challenge the doctrine, John’s the doctrine, but once he starts slandering and calling you names is no longer challenging the doctrine. Now they’re just calling you names. Now they’re just becoming a slander. Now they’re becoming a false accuser. Now they’re becoming like the Father, the Devlin son, how’s that even about the truth?

It’s about slandering

and spreading confusion. And God is not the author of confusion. Right, we bring peace and unity. So guys, I love you guys in the name of Jesus. I gotta go. So if you liked this video, share it with someone. Remember, the video that’s coming out the series is coming out is called addressing the elephant in the room is called biblical deliverance is going to be talking about all the things I just talked about in a way that you understand. And I just gave you a little piece. But there’s so many, this is a seven part series probably a little longer. I don’t know yet. But I’m just laying down the foundation. And it’s a beautiful foundation. It’s all biblical, and it’s all on the Word of God. And it’s all based on what the Word says. It’s not based on anything else. But the word I’m building it on the word display when it gets hit, it’s the hitting the word. So I tell people, you can’t attack my foundation, because my foundation is Christ. My foundation is Christ. You’re not attacking me, you’re attacking the foundation of the foundation is Christ, and I stand on Christ. So I’m good. Right? So I tell people stand on crisis when when people come against you, or say certain things about what you’re saying what you’re teaching, say, I’m on Christ, I’m on Jesus, you’re not hitting me hitting the foundation, that foundation is gonna be here forever. So we eat the elephant, one spoon at a time. And yeah, we’re gonna have a good time. So guys, thank you. I love you guys in the name of Jesus. I hope this is amazing. I hope you understand what’s going on. Right? I really, really hope if this helped you, please share this with someone. And I’m gonna load this up on my channel. It’s peak read Jr. and you just go to it on YouTube. And we’ll load it up there. And we’ll put it on there. And so Hear me out. This whole video is addressing the lies here. The lies here. That’s all this is. The lies here. That’s what it’s about. Right after dress the last year. That’s it. Bob says we’ll pay from the heart. I think this arm is chapter 831, I believe or 631 Oh, man, I gotta I gotta check. See, I have to do this all the time now. Because man, if I make a mistake, heaven forbid, I’m not godly. She Jesus, I might say one thing wrong. There’s so funny. It makes me Betsy, is what I was telling David the other day, David and forgive me, David,

you got him again.

Somebody asked me like there’s people out there attacking you and coming against us to know they’re training me Why? Because they’re doing all the research for me. They’re coming against me with all these scriptures is cinetic comm and gets me into doing all the research for me. So really, they’re just helping me. So okay, let them let them come at me hit me with all these things, because it just helps me out because I’m doing the research anyway. So instead of having to dig through it, they just throw it out there and I use and I write it down and I’m good. So they’re just training me to be better look, ever since I started getting attacked on YouTube and Facebook. Like I’ve been tightening up my scriptures on the time enough on my homework, I’m getting tighter and getting better and I’m like, Dude, this is amazing. Because I’m really tightening up and this is like I’m so I’ve gotten better. I’ve tightened up now Mike. Okay, got my memory. Yeah, okay. Yeah, and God dang will happen again. We’ll get tighter there. And see that’s why you have to humble out to see if you’re humble. You’ll learn you’ll you won’t get When you won’t get upset, you’d be like, praise God, God use anybody to train you. So hey, come on, I’m just getting better. And when you understand this and you understand what’s going on, you don’t have any pride, then you can get trained. And when people come against you and say certain things, you just get better. Because you’re humble enough to learn. You can learn from anybody but like, praise God, or making me better. Sweet Jesus. Imagine, imagine six months from now. how tight I’m going I’m already tiny. No, I just thought about this just delma Dude, I’m so tight in this area. And imagine, like, Oh my gosh, I’m just so blessed.

I’m just so blessed.


Yeah, 617 room six something but God be thanked that you were in the service of sin, but you have obeyed from the heart, that form of doctrine which is delivered unto you so we obey from the heart not from the mind will pay from here which means we submit to the heart of God we don’t submit to the mindsets, right we don’t submit to the minds we have a mindset when we submit to the heart always submit to the heart of God. And somebody would tell me Pete your hearts corrupt? No, it used to be corrupt. You got a new heart. Your heart cried out I will father people assuming that your hearts corrupt. No, no, no. It used to be corrupt. Not anymore. How do you know it says that Jesus lives in my heart by faith and my heart cried out of a father and I’ll bet from the heart soul in my heart cut out all the father was lying because it’s corrupt. No, I got no heart. But those who live in the flashy carnality with TV get a new heart that you still because they’re thinking either mindset. So

Hi, everybody. I

Okay, it’s time ago. So anyways.

Oh my god. Keep going. Maybe you’re good.

All right. couple more minutes. Couple money right here.

Couple more meetings. So anyways, so guys, I love you guys. Jay. I’m gonna talk to you, bro. We got the series and we need your help on some things, bro. already know. You be getting it in see. Jamie z. Brian. Love you, man. Yeah, love you a day. Say hi, Katie. Love you guys, eight guys, if you guys have anything that you want to add to this, this is going to be for the body. If you want to contribute to it, if you want to help out with it, you have any ideas, any scripts or anything like this is for the body. And we’re gonna put it out there because it’s about the unity of those in Christ. This is not to divide. This is not to divide. We don’t use this to divide. We use this to edify. I’m not here to divide. I’m here to edify. And if anything that I’m saying you don’t agree with if anything that I’m doing you don’t agree with it isn’t because I’m attacking you is just because I’m addressing some things that need to be addressed. Okay, so don’t take anything personal. This is just me on my walk in Christ, and I want to get better. And this is what God has put on my heart. And I’m just putting it out there. If you don’t think it’s from God, throw it in the trash. If you think is from God, take it. You have that choice, but do your homework, everything that I’m saying, take to the Holy Spirit. talk to God about it. Getting your word talk to God about it is what God’s saying is what God saying. It truly is Word of God. Is it really real what God is saying right here? Or is it just mere? And and then ask yourself is what I’m saying line up, lining up to the Word of God and find out my heart, ask yourself this is Pete’s heart in the right place? Is Pete’s heart in the right place? Is it coming from the heart of God? Or is it coming from a man who just wants to cause issues? Is the invisible God wants to do in peace life? Is it freedom? And is it everything that God wants?

That’s you’re gonna ask yourself,

and then ask yourself, hold me, hold me hold my character up. How I teach and how I respond, and how I’m walking this out. Now if it’s the character of Christ, you’ll know by my fruit, you’ll know by my fruit, my fruit will speak for me because God creates the increase. I don’t. I don’t, he creates the increase. So just ask yourself is what he’s teaching coming from God is what he’s saying, coming from God. And and why is he saying this? What is the root core of what Peter’s saying this? When you get that, then you’ll understand why I’m teaching this or why I’m talking about this. Because there’s a lot of people in the body of Christ that are struggling, and we all need each other. We all need each other. Whether you’re a prophet, whether you’re an evangelist with your deliverance ministry, whether you’re healing ministry, whatever it is, you get this, use them. Use them, by all means set people free in every way possible. If you’re a deliverance ministry and you lay hands on the people and you want to cast demons out of people, you go do that. If you want to lay hands on the sick, you go do that. If you want to promise that you go do that. I’m not going to stop you from doing that. Go do It, I would never get in the way of what God is doing in your life. My job is to address why we’re struggling with certain things. That’s my job. My job is not to come against you and you, my job is to help you. And there has to be a better way. And there has to be an easier way. That’s what I’m all about. Let’s find an easier way. There has to be an easier way. This is been going on long enough. So guys, I love you guys in the name of Jesus. So I got to go. So www royal family media. dotnet is where the Bible studies are being loaded up. I’m loading up the new one that talks about the enemy within the enemy within talks about when Jesus was crucified and who got him killed. I talked about the Pharisees, the Sadducees, the Sanhedrin, I talked about pilot talk about Caesar I give a whole history on what is going on and why he died and what was going on. Right What was actually going on and what got him killed. What got him killed, we know what was sin, but God was a God was addressing some things, the same things I’m addressing, which is very interesting.

So guys, I love you guys in the name of Jesus,

just pray for me. Pray for me that I not be in error. This is from a sincere heart, pray that I not be an error. And that I could steward everything that God has for me. pray that prayer to not being a really pray for me, because my heart is in the right place. This is about building the body of Christ. That’s what all this is about. So just pray for me. And I’m just gonna keep going. And I’ll have it all figured out. But I’m learning I’m growing and we’re all growing and we’re all figuring it out. And we can do it together. And as a body we all need each other

I love you guys didn’t even have Jesus. So yeah, so be blessed. Be blessed. And yeah, be blessed.

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