This is graduate school in evangelism and healing.

Don Hartman: SOIL Testimonial 

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Don Hartman  00:07

Yeah, I’ve been to,  I’ve been to other conferences being way way back when I was in college and I was 20 years old and we had a summer Spring Break trip to Daytona Beach and we had an hour on how to share the Four Laws and kicked us out on the beach and go share Christ with all these drunk bikers. That was really scary. But the, uh, all the other things I’ve been to have just been like undergraduate school. This is graduate school in evangelism and healing.


Kinda like in school, they always have a theory in the lab. Okay, here’s the chemistry and physics. Okay, here’s the theory. Now go in the lab and see how it works. This was the lab. Every other conference I’ve been to has been theory. This has been an actual hands on, how it works, Life on life with people

Faith Hartman  00:57

and having the trainer take us on the street that’s been experiencing this. That’s the difference to me. Just not only teaching it but then saying, Okay, let’s go with me. And we’re gonna do this together. Okay, one more thing I love when you teach is you break it down very practically. Because it’s nice to say, Okay, well, I love the way you teach with questions. We all know the answers. We’re coming here because we have a strong desire. We love the Lord. We love our scripture. And the first question is, what’s faith? Well, of course, Faith is the substance of things hoped for. What does that mean? Yeah, digging in Scripture. What does it mean? Like you make everybody dig deeper in themselves? When you’re asking questions, and you make you make all your students wrestle with it themselves. They can’t just spit out answers and we’re good to go. It’s like no, what does this mean? And as you do, you dig deeper and deeper and then you challenge, you’re constantly challenged with questions, scripture, this everything and that, that is where when you wrestle with the word is when it becomes it’s just it just goes so much deeper. 

Pete Cabrera Jr.  02:11

Well the Bible says when you wrestle with God, you get blessed. 

Faith Hartman  02:14

That’s right. That’s right. So we wrestled. Yeah, no that was good!