How I came out of my shell and became bold, in Christ (Mary Kim)

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I was watching everybody I think before I came or when I got here, I thought I did not have any expectations. And I watched everyone just so I felt they were so much more advanced in their place with God. And I what I was watching, I just felt like I was really outside of that. I understood I got it, and yet I just felt like I wasn’t in it to celebrate with everybody. So yeah I approached, Pete kind of said, maybe you can help me figure myself out because I don’t understand why I felt this thin barrier, it’s like almost a veil that’s there. By then I think this was second or third day and Pete just kind of looked at me. He had that stare Yeah, you have those eyes. Very, very intense. And I couldn’t lie when he asked me do you  trust me? And literally, for a split second, I did think about it. And I said, yeah, I do trust, I do trust you. And he has he told me that I am going to do whatever. Yes, we did. I said that’s Fine. He  stood up, he gave no warning whatsoever. He just stood up. And at that moment I thought, you know, this is not happening to me, I cannot talk in front of a large group of people. And that’s I kind of thought I just promised him I’m gonna do what he asked. So I got up. I have no idea what I said. I still haven’t played that video yet. 

Pete Cabrera Jr.  01:45

What did you say? 


I stood on a chair like a it was a booth and I stood up, these booths were at the corner so I was able to see the entire restaurant. The Moment Pete and I stood up, well actually he stood up and yelled to everybody so their attention was all toward us. I don’t know what happened I think maybe that’s the zone you get into, I thought I’m not gonna think about it. I talked to my pepper and said I’m just not, I’m just not gonna think I’m just gonna do exactly what he tells me to do. That’s all I thought about and looking back I don’t know what I said. 


But I know I did confess my faith in front of a large people, was I shameful? no! Absolutely not. I was actually a little bit proud thinking back now a little bit proud of the fact that I did that. Maybe that’s what kind of got me out of this shell that I created for myself all this time. So I feel very free. Yeah, after the classm after that day, standing up in front of everyone, going out to the street and talking to people, whether it was at the free market or anywhere, it just your mind just goes blank. You don’t think about all the mumbo jumbo that happens in your head. You’re able to really think about the love that God has for that individual. Yeah, you you you approach a lot differently. The compassion he has for every person is unbelievable. And I don’t think that’s something that you’re able to see on the videos you watch on YouTube