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School of Identity & Lifestyle, Nagaland, India

The School of Identity & Lifestyle is an intensive week-long course on walking out the fullness of who you are in Christ. We start with 3 days of classroom style teachings where you’ll be challenged in your understanding of the scriptures and walk away with tons of new revelation. After this, we’ll put our learning to the test, with 1 day of hands-on & street healing and 1 day for reflection. We know that you’ll walk away from our school understanding what it means to be a brand new creature in Christ. The eyes of your understanding will be revitalized and renewed, and you will have had first-hand experience of the laying on of hands, personally witnessing the amazing power of the Holy Spirit unfold before your very eyes!

While you are at The School of Identity & Lifestyle you won’t have to worry about anything but learning! If you have any particular needs, we will certainly do all we can to accommodate you. Please note that The School of Identity & Lifestyle is geared towards teaching and equipping only. This is not a healing rooms session! If you are sick and your expectations are for continual prayer, please consider your motives carefully, as this will NOT be our focus.

About your trainer, Dieze Iralu

The School of Identity & Lifestyle in Nagaland is headed up by Dieze Iralu. He has an academic background in English literature and was called into ministry in 2011 when he encountered the Father’s Love. In 2015 Dieze stepped out in faith and left everything to go to America to get trained. That’s when he met Pete Cabrera Jr. at the Kingdom Awakening Conference. In 2017 Dieze lived with the Cabreras for 6 months to be personally trained by Pete. During this time Dieze participated in six Schools of Identity & Lifestyle.

Who can come

As a student you will have the pleasure of living together with God-hungry students from all over the world. There will be a maximum of 12 students per class. Trust us when we say, that by the end of the class, these students will become your lifelong friends! We are equipped to facilitate men and/or married couples. 

Students heading out into the community as part of the School Training

Teachings will include:

  • What happened to you at salvation
  • Who you are and who you are not
  • The two kingdoms
  • Salt and Pepper
  • Surviving in the flesh vs thriving in the spirit
  • Walking in continual fellowship with God resulting in Kingdom manifestations
  • Pete’s own experiences in living this out
  • How to walk out your identity in Christ

Accommodation & Food

The India School of Identity & Lifestyle is located in the beautiful hills of Nagaland. Our school is based within the Science College in Kohima, Nagaland.  We are equipped to facilitate 12 students at the facility in Kohima, Nagaland. We have 4 furnished rooms with 3 beds in each room with an attached bathroom for each room (western style commode). We will provide bedding and towels for each student and home cooked meals for lunch and dinner at the facility. You will be responsible for the cost of eating out at any restaurants.

How do I register?

For students from South East Asia you can register for the next Schools in Nagaland, India here:

For any more information contact the Dieze Iralu by email

Arrival Day

We collect you from Dimapur Airport (3 hours journey) and bring you back to the airport at the end of the school. During the school we have transportation to get you around. If you are flying please arrive at the Dimapur Airport and arrive by 5:00 pm the Tuesday before your class begins. We will inform you of the exact pick up time and details once we have everyone’s arrival times. Students will be flying into Dimapur Airport in Nagaland. The Port of entry into India will preferably be Kolkata Airport in East India. It is important to note that there are only two daily morning flights to Dimapur.

  • Indigo Airlines: Kolkata (10:40) to Dimapur (12:15)
  • Air India: Kolkata (11:20) to Dimapur (12:55)

We will also contact you 1 week before your class to provide you with the contact details of the RFI driver who will be picking you up from the airport and transporting you to the school. If you have any further questions please email

Departure Day

Departure flights should be scheduled to leave Dimapur Airport no earlier than 12:00 PM for the following Monday. We will drive you to the airport for your flight. We will ensure that you are there at least an hour and a half before your flight (depending on destination).

  • Indigo Airlines: Dimapur (12:45) to  Kolkata (14:10)
  • Air India: Dimapur (13:30) to Kolkata (14:55)

Pete Cabrera Jr. on Dieze Iralu

Dieze Iralu is one of the most kind and hardworking men I have ever met. His love for Jesus is amazing and his willingness to follow Jesus at all cost is the reason I wanted to work with Dieze. When I met him he was in Kansas and he mentioned to me that he left his business and was on a mission to follow Christ at all cost and Dieze had said he doesn’t know where to go from here. So I said pack your things and come with me. And the rest is history. Anyone who is committed like that is someone I must work with. Since we have become great friends and I have come to love Dieze like a brother and my family has embraced him as family.

Note from Dieze Iralu

Hello brothers and sisters! Before you come here to Nagaland, India, I want to give you a heads up about Nagaland. India is a third world country, and as such, we may not be able to give you all the comforts of a First World country if you are from one, but we will give our best to make your stay comfortable and make you feel at home here. Also at the moment, the Dimapur –Kohima highway is undergoing road expansion from two lane to four lane widening, so the road to the location of the school is going to be bumpy, so please bear with the inconvenience. But if you can overlook the road condition at the moment, you will be exposed to a land with rich culture, a strong sense of community and beautiful flora and fauna.

Apart from this, Nagaland is predominantly Christian, so there will be no persecution for outreach and street ministry. You may have heard reports of persecution towards Christians in mainland India, but I want to assure you that Nagaland is completely safe for the Gospel.

Excited and looking forward to seeing you here in Nagaland, India.

A personal word from Pete Cabrera Jr. about the School

When I was in Thailand and Singapore in 2010, I put on a seminar and a healing school. When the team and I started teaching, I noticed that many believers showed up from the farthest ends of the globe just to receive our teaching. It was amazing! People came from Texas, Australia, and the Virgin Islands just to name a few, and from this experience, I had a realization that all of us believers, regardless of where we are from, are looking for the same thing: to become better equipped to bring the Gospel of Jesus Christ in proclaiming the Kingdom of God.

I was so overwhelmed by the experience that I asked God, “What does this mean?” The Lord said, “Many people are looking for leaders who are not afraid to go beyond the four walls of the church. They are not satisfied with the conventional Christian life anymore. They know there is more and when they see someone who is willing to teach them, they will come.” A dream was planted in my heart that day, and shortly thereafter, we founded Royal Family International’s School of Identity & Lifestyle!

This school is not just about learning, but becoming what Christ paid for. So often we are taught only a surface-level understanding of who we are in Christ, but the truth is, Jesus modeled the life we are all called to live. I came to realize that one of the reasons we don’t hear Christian leaders talk about the fullness of who we are in Christ is because honestly, it’s one thing to talk about it – but it’s a whole other thing to walk it out! And frankly, many leaders are not walking this thing out!

At The School of Identity & Lifestyle, I’ll be sharing teachings with you centered around years of on-the-street experience and hands-on evangelism. This isn’t the average teachings you commonly hear within the four walls of a church. We teach you how to focus on the things of the Spirit and how to live you life in the Kingdom of God. Salvation is free, but staying in Christ, now that takes work! It is our aim to build you up so you always function out of your true identify in Christ Jesus!

I am fully dedicated to pouring everything I have to offer into you and am humbled by your sincere interest in not only our school, but in becoming a vessel of what God is doing through these teachings. If you’ve already decided to attend our school, get ready to walk out an amazing life in the Lord – exactly what you were created for!

We hope to see you here! God bless you!

P.S. check out some of our Testimonials on YouTube about the School of Identity & Lifestyle, Kansas – they’re amazing!

Photos of the School