Living in a Mind Made Fiction

This video talks about the mind made fiction that our minds make up for us to live in. We can find ourselves trapped in a mind made fiction instead of what the gospels call the Kingdom of God. To a born again believer, it is paramount that we understand the reality that we live and thrive in as sons and daughters of God. This video breaks down the mindset behind the realities of the lies we believe.


  1. David Valdivia

    Thank you Pete,
    Brother keep posting your teachings. I need them, we all need them. Do you know any brothers in Southern California are, that can help me walk in the Kingdom?

  2. I knew and felt I was missing something. I always wondered how is it that I gave my life to Christ but I’m still struggling with these fleshly temptations? Thank you Jesus for guiding me to this video and this man of God. I pray God opens the way for me to make it out to Kansas and to reach the level of maturity in this walk that Christ has called me to. I’m so sick and tired of feeling like I’m not living to the full potential that Christ says we are supposed to walk in. Thank you brother Pete.

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