This series will teach you, step-by-step, how to transition from a normal Christian to an amazing Kingdom POWER HOUSE! From learning to renew your mind to understanding the difference between the carnal mind and the mind of Christ. How to draw from the Holy Spirit as a co-laborer and having an intimate walk with Christ.

This series will focus on the mental capacity and stewardship of walking out the Kingdom of God. Make no mistake; this will be one of the most raw and down to earth teachings — it cuts out all of the nonsense that we’ve been taught throughout the years.


Back to Basics Questionnaire

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Living in a Mind Made Fiction

 This video talks about the mind made fiction that our minds make up for us to live in. We can find ourselves trapped in a mind made fiction instead of what the gospels call the Kingdom of God. To a born again believer, it is paramount that we understand the reality that we live and thrive in as sons and daughters of God. This video breaks down the mindset behind the realities of the lies we believe.

Flesh Versus Spirit

We are commanded not to live in the flesh but we have a body so how does that work biblically? This is a topic that is very rarely discussed in the body due to the so-called complexity of the topic. But not today ladies and gentlemen — watch as Pete Cabrera Jr breaks it down so simple. This is the way things should be taught in its simplest form.

Stuck in Emotions

 Are you stuck in emotions and need to get into the realities of God’s Kingdom? Do you know the difference between an emotion and an actually attack from the enemy? This video explains what most fail to explain when it comes to walking out Kingdom realities and relying on the finished work of Jesus. You are not an emotion you are a child of God.

Why you Keep Sinning

The hidden truths behind, why you keep sinning! Understanding how the carnal mind works and why you feel like you’re hitting a wall. It’s a simple fix but a hard reality to grasp!

How to get in the most high places

The brutal truth that’s not being taught in the body of Christ! How to get into the most high places of the Kingdom of God and the victories you are searching out in your walk in Christ Jesus. Trial by fire versus trials of life!

Biblically with Pastor Jeffrey Rogers

The controversy that has followed the question: Can a born again believer in Jesus be demon possessed? Pastor Jeffrey Rogers and I will address the question everyone wants to know. REAL TALK . . . biblically!

Casting out Devils

I find it very interesting that the people of God, who studied under the Hebrew and those under the Torah teachings, never had issues with what we call evil spirits, devils and demons. Why is that? I address some things in this video that you have probably never thought about. I am not saying it doesn’t happen. My question is: why is it happening to believers now if we cannot find an account of a believer having these issues in the bible?  

Demon Possession

This is a teaching I put out to get you to open your bible and do the work and search out what it is that we have been taught. I believe we should all teach from the word of God in context. How is it that we don’t challenge what it is that is being given to us as truth. I believe we have been taught enough to believe what it is that we’ve been taught but we have not been taught to question what it is we believe and why we believe it. Get out your bible and see if what I’m presenting to you is biblical truth or not. I teach my students to question everything by putting it against the word of God. If the foundation isn’t solid don’t build on it.

Kingdom Mastery

The kingdom of this world needs you. Why? Because without you, he has nothing. You’ve been trained in this world’s system ever since you were little. Monday – Friday you go to school from 8 a.m. – 3 p.m., and you have lunchtime at noon. Get in line, raise your hand, and do what we tell you.  Your purpose is to build the Kingdom of God. When Jesus came back and his disciples saw him after the resurection, they asked him if he would now establish His Kingdom. That kingdom is here my friends. We’re to establish the Kingdom of God here now!

Manifesting a son

Have you always seemed to question what is happening when you don’t see results while praying for the sick or loved ones? What’s the mental process behind it all and what is Holy Spirit teaching us in it all? The inner work is always greater than the outer one. Learn to walk into Christ Jesus and all He has for you by understanding the process. God doesn’t do magic in a believer He does process.

Powerless Christianity

I address what most won’t talk about within the body of Christ. This is one of the biggest issues we face as born again believers. Are you struggling with what seems like dead end Christianity? Christianity is supposed to be filled with awesome realities in Christ. And it is! This video explains why we as believers seem to go in circles and why we at times look silly to those who watch us struggle with what we call a victorious life in Christ. Is it real and available right now? OF COURSE IT IS AND THIS IS HOW!