This series will teach you, step-by-step, how to transition from a normal Christian to an amazing Kingdom POWER HOUSE! From learning to renew your mind to understanding the difference between the carnal mind and the mind of Christ. How to draw from the Holy Spirit as a co-laborer and having an intimate walk with Christ.

This series will focus on the mental capacity and stewardship of walking out the Kingdom of God. Make no mistake; this will be one of the most raw and down to earth teachings — it cuts out all of the nonsense that we’ve been taught throughout the years.


Devil/Demon Slayer part 4

Click here Watch the Video on Youtube  As a Christian dont we get baptized? What does that baptism represent? Something dying? What died in the Red Sea? What died in Genesis six? What died when you got baptized? Did it die? Or did it go? What? So now I’m going to just all of this. I’m gonna just all of a sudden, the elephant address the elephant in the room addressing all of this, just to get you to dig in your word and to look it up. So now, am I saying? Am I saying that devils aren’t real? On the contrary, I’m proving to you that they’re very real. Am I saying that demons don’t exist? On the contrary, I’m showing you where they’re at. am I saying that evil spirits don’t attack people. On the contrary, I’m showing you Yes, this is very real. But in the midst of me showing you what’s going on, I’m going to show you how to be free from them all the time, biblically. And I think that’s what we all want. If that is not what you want, you’re on the wrong side. Because we want people to be free from demonic attack, want people to be free, and he will the sun sets free is free indeed. So my job is that you rely on the Christ in you to keep you free. Because if he can keep you free, he can keep you healthy, he can keep you happy, he could keep you, he could keep you blessed, he could keep you in every way he could keep you in everything that it is that you need. So why wouldn’t you want that reality? Why wouldn’t you want to live in complete victory, and there’s a way to do it. The problem is, we don’t want to do it. Why? Because it takes work. And nobody that I know that comes against what I teach wants to do the work. And so I want to bring you to a place where you can thrive with God, and you can work with Holy Spirit, and he can train you and show you and guide you and lead you into all truth and Nat is the heart of God. So if you don’t agree with me, I’m okay with that. If you don’t want to hear what I have to say, I’m okay with that. If you don’t agree, and you think I’m a liar, a false prophet, a possessed or, or confused, or a false teacher, I’m okay with that. I’m okay, really, I’m okay with that. But that is not going to stop the fact that I’ve been called to preach the Word of God. And all of us are called to do that. Now, I may not agree with the way you do it. But I’m not going to get in your way. I’m not going to get in your way. I’m going to say hey, go do it. Go do it. And the problem that we have as Christians is that we want to slander each other. And we want to accuse people. And according to the Word of God, that’s the devil. And so, if you’re going to call me a devil, and I’m going to call you a devil, it’s only because I’m slandering you, or accusing you or coming against you. Because that’s the nature of the devil. And this is why Jesus said, Go, no, you’re my disciples, if you love one another. If you don’t love one another, you’re none of mine. Well, if you’re not none of his who’s are you? The devils. So, this is how, you know, this is how, you know, this is how you know, I think is in first john chapter four. I think. It says that. Everyone who confesses, and I don’t call me on this, everyone who confesses that Jesus came in the flashes of God, and everyone that confesses that Jesus did not come in the flesh is not a guy. And this is how you know whether it’s the spirit of air or the Spirit of God, this is how you’ll know right there. So my job is to confess that Jesus came in the flesh. So you can walk out who Jesus is, in the flesh, not manifesting flesh, but manifesting him in your reality is walking out who the Christ is and using your flesh as members of Rice’s bringing them into submission. So you can walk out who the crisis that’s my job. My job as a teacher is to do that. If a teacher does not teach you to walk out who Jesus is, they’re not a follower of Christ. Because a follower of Christ would teach you to walk out the nature and the realities of Christ in every area of your walk. If you are not getting that you are not a disciple of Christ, you are religious, and you’re angry at people who are coming against the very thing that has you in bondage, which is religious spirits, and when I say religious spirits is just the things that we should not be listening to. So I’m for you. I’m not against you. I want the best for you. And I’m putting this up. And I need your guys’s help to push this thing, and I’m gonna put it out there, and only you guys, because it’s gonna set people free. A lot of it’s this hidden a pillar, a pillar that’s gonna concern a lot of people free because it’s about walking out who Christ is, I’m not coming against people. See, I know the difference. I’m not coming against people. See, the enemy wants you to come against people. You know that, right? Because when people get their identity, from a doctrine, and you attack a doctrine, it feels like you’re attacking them. This is why I tell people you get you

Devil/Demon Slayer part 3

It says that without faith, it’s impossible to please God, because faith is an action, you walk out what you believe. And if you work out that you believe that you have the Holy Spirit, you will actually behave and manifest what it is you believe you have. Now, if you believe you have another spirit inside you, then you don’t believe what the Word of God said that you have been cleansed, and you have been made righteous, and you are made a new man in Christ, and that you are a new creation, and you’re not believing that. But that’s not my fault. That’s your fault. My job is not to teach you to believe something. My job is to take to obey what the Word says. And the word says that you are in Christ. Now what you do with that, that’s up to you. Now, if you want to believe you have demons, you have that right. If you want to believe you’re full of devil, if you have that, right, you have the right to believe whatever you want, you’re entitled to your belief, just in the same way as I’m entitled to stand on the Word of God. In the same way, in the same way, what reality are you walking out? Are you walking out with the word says, Are you walking out what you believe? That’s the question. So now, what are you walking out? And if you don’t know how to walk it out, maybe you should learn who you are. Because you can’t walk out Christ if you don’t know who he is. But you got people that will tell you, hey, it’s not about knowing who Christ is. It’s about knowing everything else. I hate to tell you this. But that’s the fate that’s that’s the will of God that everybody would come to know Christ, to know him. So don’t you want to know him? And once you know him, First Peter, Second Peter, chapter one, verse two, Grace and peace be multiplied on to you through the knowledge of Him through the knowledge of Him. So what do you know about him? What do you know about him? The greatest verse you’ll ever have, I think it’s Romans 831 831. Let me make sure because when I make mistakes, people Oh, he made a mistake. Yeah, I made a mistake. Because just to prove to you that you can make mistakes, I’m entitled to it. Right, because we’re all learning. Don’t we have the Holy Spirit? The Holy Spirit’s a teacher, right. So what’s he teaching you? Yeah, see, but those who aren’t humble can learn from the Holy Spirit, because they have it all figured out. Right? So let me go to Romans 831. And I love I love learning. And I was just talking to Dave about this the other day, they’re like, dude, you misquote this and this, I’m like, yeah, leave it up. Leave them his quota. Why? To show them, they don’t have it all figured out, to show them that mistakes happen to show them that I’ll have it all figured out to show them that I have enough grace that I’m gracious enough to show who I really am that I’m gracious enough to show the world that I’m learning and growing, just like you and I will talk to you and show you that hey, I have issues too. We all have issues, but we all have Christ and because I’m showing you that you have hope because if you can do it for me, he can do it for you. But if everybody’s perfect. Right? As far as you got to do it, man, you got to do it. So 831 Here we go. Watch, shall we say to these things? Romans 831 What shall we say to these things? Watch this. Perfect, john. p. I have a spirit inside of me. What shall we say to these things? No. You know, you have the Holy Spirit inside you if you’re born again. And you’re in Christ and greatest he that’s in you and he’s in the world. No, but you don’t understand I have these thoughts and these okay. Sync Corinthians chapter 10 verse five, I believe right. Same Corinthians chapter. Is it 10 verse five and make sure Oh, yeah, sacred this chapter 10 verse five, I’m casting down every imagination every high thing that exalts itself against the knowledge of God, bringing into captivity every thought, cabinetry obedience of Christ. So why are you thinking that? What shall we say to these things? Okay, let me tell you what to say to these things. Know why James four, seven, resist the devil. And he’ll flee. But p I needed to come out. All right, well, first Thessalonians four four, tells us that you should learn to possess your vessel. start learning now. Tell him to go or I don’t know how Resist the devil, and he’ll flee. But I’m oppressed, counted all joy. No, but I’m, I’m struggling, I’m struggling. No, you’re not struggling. You don’t know how to process what’s going on with you. You’re in Christ, and you’re learning to renew your mind. Romans chapter 12, verse two, you’re not conformed to this world, which means don’t listen to it, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind. Heal, but I, I’m being attacked. No. You’re being trained. No, you don’t understand. I have anxiety. Nope. You have peace. Galatians chapter 522 says, you have the fruit of the Spirit. Oh, no, but I’m a drunkard. Galatians 519 says the works of the flesh are manifest. No, but it’s a demon manifesting. You’re not supposed to manifest that you’re supposed to manifest. Jesus. Well, I don’t know how to do that. Well, that’s because you haven’t really submitted to Christ yet. No, but I have I gave my life to Him. Giving

Devil/Demon Slayer part 2

But that they’re walking out the nature of them. They know that they have the Holy Spirit inside of them. But he’s saying you will not walk out this you will not be a slander, you will not do this you will not is they’re not it’s not it’s not a choice. It’s a command, you will not do that memory to watch. Without natural affections, truth makers, false accusers. It’s alright to just read it. It’s an amazing reality. So let’s go to another let’s go to Titus 2:3   I get excited. Because when you know you were when you understand what you’re reading, it’s just like, Okay, alright, so how do I protect myself from this stuff? Well, obviously, I’m going to explain to you why this is happening. Or I wouldn’t be showing this to you. Alright, let’s go to Titus. This is very interesting. So am I saying that they’re not being influenced? No. Am I saying that this stuff ain’t real? No, what I’m addressing is why is it that Jesus is using the exact same words when he’s addressing the devil, as you’re using here in the church?   Titus 2:3 Here goes. The age women likewise, that they be in behavior as becoming holiness, not false accusers. Once again, that word they’re in second in Titus two, three is false accusers, which is the word Diablo. So this was very interesting to me. And I’m going to tell you why it’s interesting to me.   Because this proves   that you can be a Christian, and manifest the devil all day long. And you know how you manifest the devil? By slandering people? By slandering, you know, slandering is talking about them, not being positive, talking trash. Oh, here’s what faults accusing people who will lie and sway and do things, right. So let me ask   you something. What would happen?   If you heard of people who cast out devils all day long, but slender people, and falsely accused people, and treat people just how Titus two, three, Second Timothy three, three, and First Timothy 311, this means that you’re manifesting the very thing you’re trying to cast out of people, which makes no sense. Because if you’re casting out demons, and you’re casting out spirits, and you are reflecting, slandering, and you’re reflecting, faults accusing, and you’re doing this within the body, guess what, according to Jesus’s word, your father is the devil, which means you are a child of the devil. So how do you cast out a demon out of someone who is a devil? It proves that that person or any person who was slander, or talk trash or false accuse, is not, is not hear me up is not a child of God, because a child of God puts faith in the Word of God. And the word of God tells us how we should behave towards one another. Now, there’s nothing anybody can say or do within the scriptures that can make you escape the fact that you should not slander no matter what you should not falsely accused, no matter what you should not cause division, no matter what, who’s the accuser of the brethren. So once again, and I’m not even addressing half the stuff I want to address. I’m just talking about. I am talking about addressing the devils in the body of Christ. They don’t have a spirit, they refuse to submit to the Spirit of Christ. They’re allowing their flesh to take them captive, so they can go and run the muck. And what they’ll do and what people do when they get in the flesh is they will accuse everyone, they will false accuse everyone. They will make up stories about everyone. They will lie to sway everyone, they will make people see people with a negative light, and that is from the devil himself. So to anyone watching anyone who wants to go out and cast out devils. My first job is that you You clean your own house before you go clean somebody else’s house, because that house within is the Christ within us. And we have to walk out there appears form of reality. So here’s the problem. Here’s the problem. What good is casting out Devils out of people when we’re not even mature enough to keep our own temple clean. And this is what the whole series is about. Look, this isn’t about walking out manifestation of healing. This isn’t about walking the manifestation of cast out devils. This is about us walking out our walk with integrity, and everything that we do will reflect the Christ in us. Indeed, Edward, it didn’t work. And so I’m gonna break this down, I’m gonna break this down in a way that’s going to be so amazing, because I’m going to show you how you can walk out freedom on every level. The reason that a lot of men and women have got struggle with demonic things is because they’re walking out there realities and the nature of the demonic things that we’ve been purged from. We’ve been translated from the kingdom of darkness into the kingdom of his dear son. But for some weird reason, we live in the flesh, and we still walk out the nature of the very thing that Jesus came to kill within us now. Colossians three, three will tell us. It tells us to Colossians three, three, that you are dead and your life is hidden   in Christ with God.   And we know that when were baptized, were baptized into his death. Now, he said put off and this isn’t he finishes chapter four, he says, Put off the old man and put on the new now when you put on the new means that you no longer slandered, you no longer falsely accuse. You no longer talk negative you don’t talk talk mean you no longer

Demon Slayer part 1

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The palms and the donkey! (part 5)

08.29.2020_facebook_live (part 5)  view on Youtube: click here Jesus doesn’t use a sword to cut you down He uses the sword to separate you from the thing that’s trying to drive you down, which is flesh, so you can live free in the Spirit. And he’s the word, and he’s the sword. The sword of the Spirit is cutting away the fat, cutting away the flesh, cutting away the lies, cutting away those things, cutting it down, and chopping it down. That’s what it’s about. But when we get into the flesh, we pick up a physical sword; we pick up the palms. And we say we will fight for you. “We will fight for you,” “no,” Jesus says, “I don’t want you to fight for me. I want you to listen to me. That’s what I want you to do. I don’t need you to defend me. I don’t need you to defend this kingdom.  This kingdom is unshakable This kingdom is going to last forever. This kingdom is always going to be here. You don’t need to fight for this kingdom. You just have to proclaim it and live in this kingdom. Live in this kingdom.” You know, there’s this verse where Jesus stands before the gates of hell. Very interesting. I did a whole study on this. //I was talking to john Martin. I don’t know if John Martin’s on here now. But me and john Martin had this discussion about the gates of hell, you know. And so he said something very interesting to me.// And so when I heard that I was like, Man, this is very, I think I’m going to do my homework on this on the gates of hell.  And so what I do, I started searching out everything I could on it on the gates of hell and why Jesus said that, you know, and what’s very interesting is that in my search, in my search, I, I bought this, and I’m going to send it to John Martin, because he’s the one that got me interested. And this is called the early church. This is five CDs, and lesson five is becoming the light in the darkness. And so I bought this because it came a rabbi friend of mine told me to get it, and so I did. And so I sat and listened to it. I was like, wow, you just Just so many things that we do not know like you hear about, you’re going to get a white stone with your name on it. You get a white stone with your name on it.  God gives you a stone with your name on it There was a city that had a hospital. And this hospital had a big white stone. And whenever you were healed by their gods, they would write your name on that stone. They’re claiming that you were healed; they claim that God had healed you. And so when he had said that he was in the vicinity of this place where this hospital was at and he said, God will give you a stone with your name on it, meaning he will give you a stone with your name on it. And so I’m like, Oh my gosh, like, Okay, I get it. Now. I understand now.  I understand why he said that, because where he stood, where they were talking about that was in the vicinity of the healing waters, of Baal in the healing waters of pan the healing waters of what’s going on, John- bro, I did a study because remember you and I sat down, and we had talked about, Jesus said, on this rock, the gates of hell will not prevail. It actually breaks that down from a Rabbinical standpoint of why he stood there and what was going on. And so just a quick review of what’s going on, is that they used to serve Baal. And Baal was the God of water that released his seed, which they believed was (I have to say this) the semen, which is the rain, and so this is why- this is why Elijah said it’s not going to rain for three years. was because Baal was their god that released the rains. And so he said, Okay, then we’re going to stop the rains, I’m going to prove to you that Baal is a liar. So it doesn’t rain. And the reason that he pours water on the altar is called sukkot. sukkot. sukkot are the releasing of the waters that you have to pour water on the altar.  God releases the rain So when he did that, he did it to show them that Baal does not release the rain, that it’s the God of Israel; it’s the God of Jacob, of Abraham and Isaac, and He’s the God that releases the rain. And this is why they pour water on it to remind the people that Baal is not a real god; he’s a liar. So they call him the god of the underworld, right. And so at this place where they did this worship, it was called the gates of hell. They had created an altar there, and it was called the pan altar. And they had shifted Baal worship to pan worship, and pan was the goat god, so they created this altar there. Then they had on the side of where this altar was, the gates of hell, where the mount was located.  Jesus actually went to this place to preach. Now we know that rabbis, when they teach, they’re talking about things in the vicinity, things they can see point and touch. So when he’s talking about “on this rock,” he’s actually pointing to the rock that he’s talking about, where the people believed that there was this cavern. And the cavern used to shoot out a spring of water that came out. And they believe that in the belly of that

The Consuming Indwelling Fire of God

What we carry See the video here Hey guys, today is gonna be pretty awesome because we’re going to talk about what it is you carry. This is my favorite subject. And the reason it’s my favorite subject is that it’s what Jesus died to get inside of me. And he died to get it inside of you. I went Facebook live today talking about what I was going to talk about today and literally started crying man, because the way I’m gonna break it down for you today is gonna be awesome. Because one thing that we fail to understand is that Jesus paid such a high price to move inside of us. What I mean by move inside of us is to give us His spirit. And the Word tells us that if we’re baptized into His death, we are also raised in the likeness of Christ.  So that means that he didn’t just die for you. It actually means he died as you the minute you give your life to Him. Now a lot of people won’t tell you that because they don’t understand what the new man is all about? You know, I talked about that in (Galatians, chapter 2, verse 20) when Paul says it is no longer I who live, and that I that he is talking about is the old man. The New Creation So there is no more old man anymore. There’s just you. And there’s this new creation that’s inside of you that’s trying to claw its way out of you, and what I mean by claw is that it wants to claw its way out of you is that it literally wants to come out. And so the issue that we have as Christians is that we don’t know how to walk out the resurrected Christ, and the only way you can walk out the resurrected Christ is if you die and allow him to live through you. That’s the resurrection. So Jesus said, I am the resurrection, which means the resurrection isn’t an event. It’s a person. And I know a lot of us as Christians are waiting for the resurrection. But today, I’m going to challenge you, you’ve been resurrected.  So now it’s time to walk out a resurrected life and I want to show you what that looks like, is that cool? So I’m just gonna pray real quick and we’re gonna get started. So Father in the name of Jesus We just Thank you, Lord, for who you are. I’m so excited because this is about the Comforter, this is about the Holy Spirit. This is about our teacher, the one who brings us all things and brings everything to fruition in us. And I just thank you, Father, that you’re gonna peel back the flesh, you’re gonna pull back the veil, and you’re gonna show us who you are in us father, and we just thank you, Lord, we’re gonna walk this out in a way that’s going to bring honor and glory to your kingdom.  And we’re going to honor you with our vessels (First Thessalonians chapter four verse four), that we would possess our vessels in honor, and sanctification. So I thank you, Lord God, that we’re going to possess this reality. And we’re going to walk you out in the name of Jesus. And everybody says, Amen – whoo, man. Sweet Jesus. Genesis: The Temple of God and The Fire So, guys, I wrote down some verses on the actual board here. And I figured last time when I did, I didn’t write them all out, but I figured if I write them out, you can take a picture of it when you’re done. You can go through them when you get home. Is that cool? And they heard the voice of the Lord God walking in the garden. In the cool of the day and Adam and his wife hid themselves from the presence of the Lord God amongst the tree of the garden and the Lord called unto Adam and said unto him, where are you? Oh man, Lord Jesus, this is gonna be so amazing. What’s amazing was that God created Adam, he created Eve to be with Adam.  God created Adam to walk with Him God created humanity to walk with Him. You guys got to know that. Okay, I know a lot of people will tell you that God doesn’t love his creation. That is a lie. God loves his creation, and he’s looking for men and women to partner with God. He wants to partner with us, we forget that. And when man fell, God still partnered with men, even though they had fallen, he still talked to them. And I want to show you what the presence of God is all about. I know because you’re gonna hear people say that, you know, we want to call down fire, you know, the Holy Spirit he baptizes with the Holy Spirit and fire.  So I want to talk about what this fire is. And the only way to explain what this fire is is you got to actually find out where that fire Fire comes from. It all comes in (Genesis chapter one). You know, in the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth And then he said, Let there be light, and there was light. And the reason that he created the heavens and the earth First, if you understand this under Eastern understanding of a rabbi, you understand that the temple is the place that holds the presence of God. You guys know that. Because when you give your life to Jesus, you become the temple of God. And you were once darkness. And when you gave your life to Jesus, you’re now light, so what gives you your identity is the light that’s inside of you. And at the very beginning, in {Genesis, chapter one}, God created the heavens and the earth.

How to Count It All Joy During Trials? | Pete Cabrera Jr.

Facebook Live – August 27, 2020 (Thursday)  Watch it on Youtube, click here 00:02 I want to give a shout out to Matthew Couch man. You be on there man you be on there consistently Matthew, Matthew Couch. I want to give a shout out to Sean Hurley man. Yes You’re getting it in. Sergio, man. We got cats out there getting it in man getting it in like they are not messing around. They’re guys out there that are walking out the kingdom of God on a daily man as a lifestyle, mind boggling mind boggling. So, so I did a video yesterday I think it was yesterday. Think so good question. I don’t even remember when I did it. But I did a video and I was talking about the character of Christ and I got inboxed and I got texts by a couple cats. One of the questions was, how do we count it all joy? Like, what does that look like? You know, how do we count it all joy James, chapter one, verse two through eight. And I’ll say, Hey, I’ll go live. And I’ll explain that to you. You know, I’ll explain the mindset behind that, right? Because in the kingdom of God, there’s only one one way of thinking guys in the kingdom of God. There’s only one way of thinking, and that way of thinking is to have the thoughts or to think about those things, the way that Christ would think about those things like that’s the only thought to have in the kingdom of God is whenever you come against something right away, you should think, what is Christ think about this? How would Jesus handle this? And that’s the right mindset to have all the time that that mindset is what you need to practice on the most is when you see something, you don’t allow it to get you in the flesh it doesn’t allow it to get you into fear or worry you right away stop and you say Okay so I have a Savior. Right. And that means that I call on the name of the Lord and I’ll be saved. So let me stop real quick when we look at the situation from the right lens, and let me look at it right and then when you look at it, you start processing,right? 02:12 And you’re gonna have all kinds of thoughts. //What’s up, Joe? Love you, bro.// You can have all kinds of thoughts. You can have the right thoughts, the wrong thoughts. You’re gonna have to put your trust and faith in God in certain areas of your life and be like, okay, I don’t know, is this the right decision if this is not the decision I need to be making? And so you’re gonna run into these things. And one of the Scriptures that I hold on to the most is Romans chapter 8:31. That is one of my favorite scriptures in the Bible. Because Paul says something that’s mind boggling. mind boggling. He starts off saying, What shall we say to these things? What shall we say to these things? I mean, that’s mind boggling to me. What do you say about those things? What do you say to your circumstance, what do you say to what’s putting fear in you? What do you saying to the thing that’s coming against you? What do you say to it? And the answer is, if God is for us, who could be against us? Like, that’s the way you’re supposed to talk in every situation? Everything that’s thrown at you, you’re supposed to say, Okay, if God is for me, what can be against me? What what could possibly be against me? Now, here’s the mindset that you’re gonna struggle with the mindset you’re gonna struggle with is I’m being attacked. Something’s wrong, I must be doing something right. Or I wouldn’t be you know, I wouldn’t be attacked as something, you know, something’s coming against me. But if that was true, if it was an attack, then we have to address James chapter one. verse two, right. 03:49 James chapter one, verse two says my brethren, count it all joy when you fall into diverse temptations. Okay, this is very interesting because this is not what the world is used to this is not the way we were taught. We were not taught that when things start falling apart and stuff starts coming against you and things start hitting you a certain way like count it all joy like wait a minute, How amy I supposed to count it all joy, this ain’t even cool. What’s happening like this is this is not easy. Okay, well the reason you have trial, I call it a trial temptations a trial, it’s a test. Everything is a test. If you if you remember when you when you read your Bibles and you’re following the life of Jesus, he put his disciples in all kinds of tests all kinds of trials, right? He wasn’t putting them into temptation. He was testing their minds he was testing if what it is that what he put in them was coming out in every circumstance in every situation. That’s what he was doing as a teacher, which is very interesting, because as teachers, I think we should do the same thing. So imagine this, because you know, I have friends that you know, they go into prayer and they’re always talking about Going before the Lord, you know, going to the courtroom of heaven, and they go before God, and they go there, right? So I want you to imagine this, I want you to imagine that every day, here on Earth, every day here on Earth, because our job is to bring heaven here, here on Earth, I want you to imagine that every day here on Earth, as an ambassador of Christ, as a child

The palms and the donkey! (part 1)

08.29.2020_facebook_live (part 1)  view on Youtube: click here 00:04 Good morning everybody. My name is Pete Cabrera Jr. With Royal Family International University School of identity and lifestyle man, I was just man, I was just whew. Man, I’ve been stuck on this. I got up this morning and man I literally felt like weeping when I was reading this because I’ve read this so many times.   00:33 But I’m in the season where I’ve been really searching out the face of God and really just buckling down on the character of Christ. So I started like digging in to the backstory of Jesus. And man I started reading this morning in Matthew chapter 21. I started reading where he was coming in, His entry into Jerusalem and there’s just so much in here. So.   01:07 So I started reading a lot of background on rabbinical teaching, rabbinical and started getting to the Mishnah I started doing a lot of study on the background of Jerusalem, Palestine, I started searching out a lot of things that I always had questions about. And so I just started, you know, started reading started searching started digging. And, you know, I got this information, this knowledge, you know, through the, through the Scriptures and through searching things out. And so when I read this again,I was like, Okay,this just, it just, it opens up, it just opens up, it opens up in a way that now I’ve read this before. I’ve read this before, butwhen I read it this time, because I started doing the back, you know, my my My background checks on things and searching out why this is going on and what is happening. So the last time I read Matthew 21I knew about the zealots, but I really didn’t know what I know now about the zealots, and why the zealots were there. And why the palms,right because on Palm Sunday, you see, you know them pulling palms down off trees, laying them down, and they’re saying Hosanna Hosanna and you’re wondering like, why are they doing this? Why are they holding the palms? Why are they laying it down? Why is Jesus coming on on a colt? Why is he coming in on the donkey? Why is he coming into the east gate? What’s going on? What’s happening? Why is it written in this fashion? What is it that God wants us to find in these passages?    02:47 So I started just breaking them down. I started looking for them. And wow wow, wow, wow, wow, wow. Wow. Wow. Wow. Wow. Okay. Let me just show you some things. This is this. I love the word the way God is justthe way he’s just strategically placed jewels and treasures in His Word, just mind boggling to me. So I’m just going to read it real quick. So I’m asking why the palms? Why the donkey? And why is he weeping over Jerusalem? These are the questions that that I’ve always that I’ve always asked why is the palms, you know, what does that mean? Because we did it on Palm Sunday right we we have the palms and we Hosanna and what does that represent? Why do he come in on a colt? You know, it’s just so much what’s going on. So before I read this, let me give you a backstory, so we know that Rome came into power, I think 64 bc before Christ Rome took over pretty much the world. It was the power that was basically running the world and it came in with religion. It came in with his beliefs. Then you have these people that are called the zealots. Now the zealots came in, because they didn’t believe in the Word of God says that we will have no other gods but God.And so the zealots were always defending the fact that, hey, we should not have anything to do with the Roman people with Roman Empire. We don’t believe in serving a king we only serve God.    04:20 And so the zealots, they created a revolt because they started getting taxed. So the Romans started taxing and taking land and so there is a guy named Judah in the dock these two guys who they created the the revolt, which was the zealots, now the zealots, were the people that were committed to God and in Numerals 25:11 through 13, there was a guy named Phinehas  who was a rabbi or a wasn’t really a rabbi, but he was a a teacher of the law or he was someone that was defending God’s word. And he took a spear and pierced it through someone. And so the Zealot said, Hey, we can use this kind of force. We can use this whatever force we need to make sure that we’re not being oppressed. So, the Zealot movement was was born and the zealots were the people that were constantly raising up a revolt fighting against Rome. So all this is going on. So you have Roman Empire, and then you have the kingdom of God. And this is happening in Jerusalem. It’s right there in the center, you have the Roman king who comes in from the west, and you have Jesus who comes in from the east and you find out later on through Zacharias and through psalms 118 and psalms 24 that this is what’s going to happen you know, Jesus is going to come in on a colt The king is going to come in on a colt, he’s going to bring peace gonna destroy the bahal, he’s gonna destroy the church, he’s going to bring this message of peace. So this is Jesus coming in from the east is coming in from Mount olives from that side, and on the other side, is Mount herodion. It’s another mountain and that mountain was built by Herod. A lot of people don’t understand this,

The palms and the donkey! (part 2)

08.29.2020_facebook_live (part 2)  view on Youtube: click here What I find very interesting is Jesus on the way into Jerusalem. He goes and he redeems this lamb, excuse me, redeems this donkey, redeems it. No one ever rode it, it was still tied up. He sends two disciples to go get it. And he says, Hey, tell him the master has need of it, which is very interesting, which means that Jesus redeemed that lamb (I keep saying lamb) redeemed that donkey. And he rode in on the donkey that was redeemed, which is even more amazing when you give that some thought when you really understand the depth of what God is saying in His Word that just the depth of he rode in on the donkey that he redeemed, so he rode in on it, which is amazing because in the same way, we represent the donkey, we represent the mule we were the slaves. We were used by the god of this world and Jesus redeemed us the same way that Moses redeemed the people out of Egypt. And so what’s amazing is when you’re riding in on the colt, which is us, is he set us free.  11:10 Now that’s just one part of him riding in. The second part that’s amazing about him riding in is why is he crying over Jerusalem? When he goes in, and he goes off and he starts crying, and it’s in Luke 19:41 and 44. He’s crying over Jerusalem. And the reason that he’s crying over Jerusalem is because they want to revolt. They want Jesus to come in and they want him to fight Rome. They want him to take the throne. They want him to raise the sword. This is what the palms represent. The palms represent that our king is coming because they couldn’t raise a sword. Did you know that if you held up a palm in Rome and around around a Roman or around anyway in that in that vicinity. You would be killed. Because a palm represented revolt a plam represented, that we’re going to rise up against you. That’s what that represents. If anybody was held, saw holding a poem, they can be killed by a Roman Roman soldier or by anyone in power, because this means that you’re going to rise up against Rome. When Jesus was coming in, they were getting palms and holding them up. And not only were they holding them up, they were laying them down, meaning that we’re going to give our alliance to you. If you just rise up, we will fight for you. We will fight for this kingdom. And Jesus went off and started weeping. Because he kept saying, You guys don’t understand. You don’t understand what’s going on. Like you’re gonna be crushed, you’re gonna be killed. I’ve come to bring peace and you just don’t get it. I’m gonna read it to you.   12:51 And it’s really prevalent right now. Because we can either use, our solutions can be military or they can be spiritual Military is like, we’re going to come by force. That’s the zealots way of doing things. And Jesus is like you’re missing it. This is a spiritual Exodus that I’m trying to give you. I’m trying to set you free spiritually. But you’re looking at it from a different perspective and you want to fight you want to pick up the sword, and you want to go against Rome and it’s gonna crush you. They’re going to kill you. And what’s very interesting is later on the zealots, they get destroyed. If you read under Josephus, he writes about the zealots that are fighting back the revolt. It’s also an Acts. I think I wrote it down. In Acts, it actually talks about one of them that gets killed. I didn’t write it, it’s in Acts 5:37. They’re killing them. They’re finding these these zealots and they’re destroying them. They’re like the resistance. And what ends up happening is they surround them and they start throwing them off the wall and start killing them and a lot zealots killed themselves, because they would rather die than to serve another king. And so they died. They were all destroyed. All the zealots were killed every single one. And Jesus was trying to stop that. He didn’t want them to be killed. He didn’t want them to be executed. He wanted them to to walk out peace because he’s the Prince of Peace but they just didn’t want to listen to Him. They wanted it their way. The same with Saul, if you guys remember when Saul was called to be king, if you do your study on the First Kings, he was a donkey herder. Come on. Think about that Saul was a donkey herder. Why do they want you to know that Saul was hurting donkeys? Because donkeys are stubborn animals. And he’s trying to tell them look, you got to do this the right way. Don’t be stubborn. Don’t do it your way. do it my way. This is why God picked David. David. He used his words. He was a sheep herder. He uses words and the sheep followed what he said not what he did. right what he said, and he said, Keep your eyes on the Lord, do it for the Lord do it unto the Lord. And that’s what David was about. And Saul was about no we will chop them down, we gonna kill you. And it’s something you just don’t get it. So here comes Jesus. He’s coming into Jerusalem, and he’s weeping over them. Because they just don’t get it. They don’t understand what’s happening. They don’t understand.    15:25 I wrote down some scriptures. And you can go to (Mark chapter 11, verse 1) talks about it. (Matthew 12:1 through 11) talks about it. And (John chapter 12:12 through 19) talks about it. And it talks

The palms and the donkey! (part 3)

08.29.2020_facebook_live (part 3)  view on Youtube: click here 20:08 And this is the mindset of the Jewish people who want to fight back. They want to fight back. They want justice. They want justice. They want to make them suffer. And Jesus is like, No, no, we’re gonna bring peace. We’re not going to do that. We’re not going to do that. We’re going to love our enemies, and they don’t want to hear it, we are gonna love our enemies. See, when we talk about loving our enemies, we don’t see it in that perspective We don’t see it in the perspective that Jesus was talking, just talking about. Our enemies literally are killing us, our enemies literally, taxing us. Our enemies literally are taking our land, our religion, they’re taking everything from us, but love them. Don’t fight them. This is what’s going on. This is the mindset of Jesus, which is very interesting. Very, very interesting to me. And we as Christians, what we do is we can’t even get along with people who are sinners. I mean, we’re talking about the Roman Empire here. We’re talking about Jesus is confronting the Roman Empire with love. He said, I could call on angels. And my father would send them. He could. The question is, why didn’t he? Because he’s trying to teach you something. He’s trying to teach us something as tamo Dean’s as disciples of Jesus, he’s trying to teach us something in that, and I think we miss it. What he’s trying to teach us is look when they come against you, love them, when they come against you. Bless them, put down the sword. And I think sometimes when we do this Palm Sunday and we’re lifting up the palms, we kind of forget that that’s what made Jesus cry. That’s what made him weep. The fact that you want to raise up a sword, you want to fight your enemies. And that’s what that was representing when they were laying it down and they were handing the pawns meaning that we’re gonna fight for you. And they were wanting a physical battle, they wanted a physical solution to what was going on in Rome. And Jesus is like I’m not here to give you a physical solution. I’m here to give you a spiritual solution. I want to set you free spiritually, where this stuff won’t affect you. This stuff, won’t affect you 22:30 This is the kingdom, the kingdom of God is that no matter where you’re at, you’ll be free. No matter if they put you in chains, no matter if they persecute you, revile you or say things about you, you’ll be free and this is the message of the Kingdom of God. And sometimes I find it very interesting that we as Christians, that’s the thing that Jesus died for that and we as Christians get into the flesh and we come against each other. We come against Everybody, and we want to chop them down verbally. You know, or maybe we’ll come against them we will be mean or arrogant and  Jesus is like, Man, I’m trying to model something to you. I’m trying to model this reality to you but man just you want to address that stuff in love. And how do you do that? How do you do that when you’re under Roman thumb? How do you do that? That’s very hard. It’s very interesting. So Jesus, his answer was not a political one. It was not a physical one. It was a spiritual one it is a spiritual and very, very interesting. So why am I making this video? I’m making this video because the donkey that he rode in on is us. We used to be the donkey. We used to be the slaves we used to be. We used to be the slaves to the god of this world. He was sent for us. And now he rode in on us he’s riding in on us. He rides on us and in us and through us. And so the question is, are you riding in to your circumstance with the mindset of Jesus? Or are you riding in with the mindset of a physical king who wants to use his power and authority to get what he wants? Or is he wanting peace for everyone? That’s the key. Do we want peace for everyone? Or do we just want to come in by might? It’s very, very interesting. I find it very interesting. And so there’s no escaping that there’s no escaping that it’s just very, very interesting to me. Very, very interesting to me. So, if you want to know about what’s going on, 24:52 with the with the East Gate, you can go to (Ezekiel 44:1-2) and (Zacharias 14: 3-4). And that talks about how he’s coming in and (Luke 21:37) it tells you that it was on Mount Olive that he would go to. So these are the scriptures you can go to I was gonna read them to you, but man, I figure if I just do this it would be a lot better that way you can read it. So if you want to do a study, go to (Mark chapter 11, verse one), (Matthew 21, one through 11), in (John 12:12 through 19), that talks about him coming into Jerusalem. And you can read that, and it goes all the way down. And I love the fact that they asked you this, by what authority Do you do these things? And for a lot of people that that don’t recognize this is that Jesus, they believe that he was he was born. And I got to watch how I say this, that he was born as a bastard child. Not that he was, but they believe that because Mary was impregnated out of wedlock. Everybody knew this. Now this is what’s very interesting. Because of that,

The palms and the donkey! (part 4)

08.29.2020_facebook_live (part 4)  view on Youtube: click here 00:00 And who that Prince is and who that King is. And he is peace and he is joy. And so, as he is, so are we so if he’s the Prince of Peace, and he came to bring peace, what should we bring? What should we be talking about? How should we be responding? Should we be weeping over people who want to fight back? Should we be weeping for people who want to pick up a sword? Should we be weeping when they just don’t get it? When they just don’t get it when Jesus is telling them you just don’t get it? I’m going to read it. Luke chapter 19. I’m going to read it to you why he was, why he was weeping. 00:42 I was just imagining, sitting there next to Jesus as he’s weeping see right here  01:18 Luke 19:41-44 and when he was come near, he beheld the city, and he wept over it saying, If thou had known even now At least in this day, that day, the things which belong unto peace, unto thy peace, but now they are hid from your eyes. For the day shall come unto thee, that the enemy shall cast a trench about thee and encompass around you and keep thee on every side. He’s telling him like you don’t understand what’s going to happen, and shall lay thee even with the ground. And that children within thee and they shall not leave any of the stone upon any other because thou knowest not the time of this visitation. That’s what he’s saying, like, your enemy is going to surround you. I’m coming. I’m coming to stop it. I’m coming to stop it. But if you don’t listen, you won’t listen to me. I’m trying to tell you, man, they’re going to surround you. They’re going to encompass you. They’re going to kill you and your children. The judgment of God is coming and I’m here to stop it. I’m here to stop it. I’m here to stop the judgment of God. That’s what I love about prophets. prophets always get in the way of the judgment of God that that judgment is coming if they would have listened to him, if they would have listened to him, that wouldn’t have happened. But they didn’t want to listen to him. And guess what? 03:17 We still want to listen to him. We still want to listen to him. We still want to rise up against our enemies. We still want to pick up a sword. We still want to do these things, physically. And Jesus said, Man, it’s hidden from your eyes. You just don’t see it. You just don’t see it. It’s coming, man. It’s coming. Yeah, so ask yourself is what I’m saying right now? is this of God? Is this a time? Is this a message for a time such as now? I mean, give us some thought. This has always been the message of Jesus, it’s been Jesus message since he started the ministry since he picked the 12. This has been the message. This has been the message and he cleared out the temple. Because they weren’t allowing the people of God or the the Gentiles to worship there. They were taking their space and Jesus always wanted everyone to worship God. He always wanted to do that. That’s why he came, he came so everyone could receive from God because He was the bread. He was the living water. He was everything. And he gave himself for everyone. For God so loved the world. Right? So  04:43 I love you guys in the name of Jesus. I hope this little study helped you out. There’s just so much to this. Just so much I want to get deeper into it, but I gotta get ready. I got to do some things. But I just want to come on here and now give this some thought go through it. Listen to it. I gave you some scriptures. So let me go through them (Psalms 1:18) (Zacharias nine: nine through 10) (psalms 24: Seven through 10). (Exodus 13:13) talks about the broken donkey neck law. And then you have and it’s also in the (mitzvah 54) redemption of the firstborn donkey. And if you want to talk about Jesus coming in (Mark 11: one), (Matthew 21, one through 11), (john 12:12 through 19). And then you also have (john 12:20) and talks about the Greeks coming in to worship, (john 12:13 through 14). And then you have (Ezekiel 44, one through two). And then you have (Zacharias 14, three through four). And mount of olives when he was going out there to pray is(Luke 21:37) And where he wept is (Luke 19:41 through 44). And if you want to know about the spearing, why the zealots thought it was okay to raise up a revolt towards the Romans, that’s in (numerals 25:11 through 13 and 25), seven through 13), when ? speared someone. And so it’s very interesting.  06:21 A lot of people thought Jesus was a zealot because of the way he talked. But I believe, I believe that he used that angle. So Judas would betray him. I just think that I think that, you know, when Jesus said, Okay, everyone go grab a sword. I think what he was doing was he was making them believe, not that he was tricking them, but he was making them believe, okay, it’s time to revolt. It’s time to fight. It’s time to it’s time to do what we’re supposed to do. And I think that’s why Judas went and betrayed him, because they’re like, okay, Jesus is ready. That’s why Jesus looked at him and said, Do what you must do what you got to do. Do what you got to do. Okay, and Jesus is like okay, I’m on my way right

What does communion mean?

Sep 3, 2020 video 00:03 Hey guys, my name is Pete Cabrera Jr. With royal family International University. 00:09 School of identity and lifestyle 00:11 guys, I’m so blessed. Oh my gosh, man. So if you know when I come on here, I try to do my best to give you something that you usually don’t get when you’re reading your Bibles, maybe you’re reading it from a surface level reading, maybe you’re reading it from a from a potshot level, or from a remez level. I want to bring you to the Drush level, the Drush is where you’re digging in. So a potshot is surface level. Teaching. remez is when you’re curious and thrushes where you’re starting to dig and search out what it is that’s actually going on. And I want to bring it to sod inside of the revelation and the aha moment of Wow, that’s what he was doing. That’s what the word was trying to give me. So I’m going to talk about the parable 00:59 that Jesus says Talking about it with the vineyard. 01:01 But it’s very disturbing. Because once you start recognizing what Jesus was doing and who he was coming against, it kind of sheds light on, on some things that we don’t talk about, and maybe some things that we don’t really pay attention to. And I think what ends up happening nine times out of 10 is that we, we try to minister like Jesus ministered, but we kind of forget who he was talking to and why he was so passionate about what he was talking about. If I was to ask you, who crucified Jesus, everybody would say the Pharisees, everybody would say Rome, everybody would say we did. Jesus knew when he was going to Jerusalem, that he was going to attack the corruption. Now there’s the seven family Party, which is the priesthood which are called the sagia C’s. Now the sad issues were very corrupt, and they took all the wealth of the people and they got pretty much really wealthy. fat, and they were not distributing the wealth of the people to the people. They were basically corrupt. And they were making a lot of money at the time and Jesus was coming against him to destroy the corruption. Now, when he went into Jerusalem, these people didn’t know him. This the saddest season the Pharisees in Jerusalem didn’t know who Jesus was because in the Bible, it goes to tell you that they asked, Who is this man? And it was the crowds that said, this is Jesus of Nazareth, who we believe is the Messiah. So the people in Jerusalem be the religious leaders did not know that Jesus was who He said He was. They just thought he was some guy from Nazareth. But they didn’t get their attention. Jesus did not get their attention until he went into the temple and flipped over the tables. And then now they were like, okay, who is this guy who’s this guy that just flipped our tables over who is he and they wanted to kill him but they couldn’t kill him. Unless they Use the political system to do it because they were afraid that if they killed him because he was a prophet, and the people loved him, that they would come against them, so they didn’t want to create this issue in the city. So they use Rome’s influence and political power to crucify Jesus. The Romans had nothing against Jesus. This was a political move from the sad Jesse’s to gain power. So this what all this was about. So when he’s going into Jerusalem, 03:27 he’s actually confronting the religious Now remember, Jesus didn’t have any issue with the Pharisees. He worked with the Pharisees for three years, the issue that he had was the corruption that was going on within the system of God’s people. And this is what Jesus was trying to expose. And I find this very interesting that the enemy that Jesus is coming against is not Rome. It’s the sagia seas. It’s the people that are robbing from the people of God with in the body. And so he’s not coming against Rome. He’s not coming To get rid of the Roman Empire, he’s not coming to destroy them. what he’s doing is he’s trying to create a reality within the kingdom of God that would allow us to be free of the religious systems that are oppressing the people of God. So the enemies in the thieves that Jesus is talking about in the Bible are not the Romans. They’re not the Gentiles. They are the people that are in political power that are under under the influence of the Sadducees and Pharisees in the political system that’s so corrupt, that Jesus is infuriated by that, and that’s what he’s coming against. He’s not coming against Rome, he’s not coming against the Gentiles. He’s not coming against that he’s coming against the religious system that has adapted the world and now the religious system has become one with the world. And now because of that, there’s corruption because of that. They don’t want to distribute the wealth because of that. There’s a lot of people suffering because they’re taking the the ideas of Rome and they’re taking the realities of the people of the world is called Hellenism where we want your God but at the same time We want the world and this is what Jesus is addressing. The Romans did not kill Jesus, the sagia sees the corruption. And the people that have political power, use their power to kill him. Now remember, they wanted to let him go. They said, We don’t see anything that’s coming against them. And he said, Okay, we’ll let you decide. And it was the people that were crying out crucifying Christopher and Chris fine. And he washed his hands and he

Pete Cabrera Jr. Facebook Live August 26, 2020

Pete Cabrera Jr. Facebook Live August 26, 2020 Part 1 of 4 What’s up everybody, my name is Pete Cabrera Jr. With Royal family International University. School of identity and lifestyle man. Sweet Jesus. Yeah, man. It’s been a very interesting couple of days. Right. Very interesting couple days. So anyways, we’ve been having a Bible study every Monday night. And man, this thing’s a beast. I just thank God that he’s allowed us to have it the way that we’re having it for the people that are coming. We’re getting text messages. I’m getting inboxes from people that are like, Man, this is like, life changing. And I’m like, Yes, this is life changing. It is the reason that I wanted to do this Bible study. Is – because I want people to get better in their walk, right? Because it’s all about getting better. It’s about being better in your walk. So /Tom, what’s up, man? What’s up brother? from Costa Rica without EDA? Yeah, I got your message, I’ll be hitting you up./ So the reason I titled this why men of god attack each other and why there’s this conflict in the body is I want to address it. /Good Morning, sir./ I want to address it. The reason is, and you know, cuz somebody asked this question because you know, there’s people out there that they’re not going to like what you do, they’re not going to agree with you, and they would not be able to restrain how they feel. And you know, like, if you’re in a playground and you’re a little kid and somebody makes you mad and does something you don’t like, the first thing you’re going to do as a child is you’re going to start spreading rumors throughout the school and start nitpicking every little thing that they do wrong. And because that’s a lack of self control. You have no Control, you cannot control how you feel you can’t control your anger, let alone can’t control your mouth can’t control what you do. And so therefore, you just become this person who just spreads discord throughout the body, right or throughout the playground. Excuse me. So this is why it’s very vital that we teach who we are in Christ. And I’m not saying we’re all gonna get it because we’re all walking it and we are all learning. But one of the reasons that this is is because Galatians 5:17 right, before you came to Christ you used to live in the flesh, you used to live in the flesh, your whole identity was in the flesh. This is what I hit on the most. /What’s up, Rick, love you, brother. Love you, man. What’s up William.;/ And so, when you are not born again, when you are in the world, you are led by the flesh, your whole life is carnality- the way you think or you feel, and one of the main reasons the Bible talks about that the number of the beast is 666 is because the beast means It’s an animal, it’s it has no self control when you hear the word beast, it’s not the word beast that you get when you watch a movie, you see a beast with horns in this beast. That’s not what they’re talking about in the Bible in the context, Beast means an animal, like an ox, or an animal of the field. That’s what a beast is, right? And so when he says the mark of the beast, it means it’s an animal, it has no self control, it is being led by the desires of the flesh, it wants to eat and wants to attack it. It’s just this, this animal that will attack everything, and that’s why it’s called the beast, right? And so – what’s very interesting is that the serpent in the garden, told Adam and Eve, excuse me, told Eve that, you know, “did God say?” basically what the serpent was doing was telling Eve that look, you can be like me, you can just do whatever you want. You don’t have a master, you can just do whatever you want. You don’t have to listen to God. And that’s the nature of the beast. The nature of the beast is don’t listen to God. Listen to your flesh. That’s the The nature of the beast, anyone who tells you that that is not true. You need to read your Bibles, read Romans chapter eight, it will explain it to you. Read first Corinthians chapter three, it’ll explain it to you. People that live in the flesh and don’t understand and don’t recognize that they no longer get their leading by their emotions, their feelings and their thoughts. They will devour you, they will devour themselves and everything around them because they have no self control. They have not learned to take their vessel to possess their vessel, let alone their thoughts, let alone what they what they’re saying or doing. Right. And so that comes with maturity, right? So here’s what happens in the body of Christ. So let’s say that there’s a man of God who’s teaching something that you don’t agree with. Okay, first of all, if you get offended, the first thing you’re going to do is come against that person. Because you don’t agree. (great peace have they who love thy law and nothing shall offend them Psalms) but hear me out. There are, I don’t know, I think there’s like 40,000 denominations and there’s religions that are being spread all throughout the world even now. So can you imagine what would happen if I was to focus on every single doctrine on every single little thing that people are saying that I do not agree with? I would be consumed by that. And my whole ministry wouldn’t even be about equipping the saints. It’d be about finding people out that I don’t really agree

How I came out of my shell and became bold, in Christ (Mary Kim)

Watch the video on Youtube: click here 00:07 I was watching everybody I think before I came or when I got here, I thought I did not have any expectations. And I watched everyone just so I felt they were so much more advanced in their place with God. And I what I was watching, I just felt like I was really outside of that. I understood I got it, and yet I just felt like I wasn’t in it to celebrate with everybody. So yeah I approached, Pete kind of said, maybe you can help me figure myself out because I don’t understand why I felt this thin barrier, it’s like almost a veil that’s there. By then I think this was second or third day and Pete just kind of looked at me. He had that stare Yeah, you have those eyes. Very, very intense. And I couldn’t lie when he asked me do you  trust me? And literally, for a split second, I did think about it. And I said, yeah, I do trust, I do trust you. And he has he told me that I am going to do whatever. Yes, we did. I said that’s Fine. He  stood up, he gave no warning whatsoever. He just stood up. And at that moment I thought, you know, this is not happening to me, I cannot talk in front of a large group of people. And that’s I kind of thought I just promised him I’m gonna do what he asked. So I got up. I have no idea what I said. I still haven’t played that video yet.  Pete Cabrera Jr.  01:45 What did you say?  01:47 I stood on a chair like a it was a booth and I stood up, these booths were at the corner so I was able to see the entire restaurant. The Moment Pete and I stood up, well actually he stood up and yelled to everybody so their attention was all toward us. I don’t know what happened I think maybe that’s the zone you get into, I thought I’m not gonna think about it. I talked to my pepper and said I’m just not, I’m just not gonna think I’m just gonna do exactly what he tells me to do. That’s all I thought about and looking back I don’t know what I said.  02:26 But I know I did confess my faith in front of a large people, was I shameful? no! Absolutely not. I was actually a little bit proud thinking back now a little bit proud of the fact that I did that. Maybe that’s what kind of got me out of this shell that I created for myself all this time. So I feel very free. Yeah, after the classm after that day, standing up in front of everyone, going out to the street and talking to people, whether it was at the free market or anywhere, it just your mind just goes blank. You don’t think about all the mumbo jumbo that happens in your head. You’re able to really think about the love that God has for that individual. Yeah, you you you approach a lot differently. The compassion he has for every person is unbelievable. And I don’t think that’s something that you’re able to see on the videos you watch on YouTube

This is graduate school in evangelism and healing.

Don Hartman: SOIL Testimonial  Watch the Video on Youtube: click here Don Hartman  00:07 Yeah, I’ve been to,  I’ve been to other conferences being way way back when I was in college and I was 20 years old and we had a summer Spring Break trip to Daytona Beach and we had an hour on how to share the Four Laws and kicked us out on the beach and go share Christ with all these drunk bikers. That was really scary. But the, uh, all the other things I’ve been to have just been like undergraduate school. This is graduate school in evangelism and healing. 00:36 Kinda like in school, they always have a theory in the lab. Okay, here’s the chemistry and physics. Okay, here’s the theory. Now go in the lab and see how it works. This was the lab. Every other conference I’ve been to has been theory. This has been an actual hands on, how it works, Life on life with people Faith Hartman  00:57 and having the trainer take us on the street that’s been experiencing this. That’s the difference to me. Just not only teaching it but then saying, Okay, let’s go with me. And we’re gonna do this together. Okay, one more thing I love when you teach is you break it down very practically. Because it’s nice to say, Okay, well, I love the way you teach with questions. We all know the answers. We’re coming here because we have a strong desire. We love the Lord. We love our scripture. And the first question is, what’s faith? Well, of course, Faith is the substance of things hoped for. What does that mean? Yeah, digging in Scripture. What does it mean? Like you make everybody dig deeper in themselves? When you’re asking questions, and you make you make all your students wrestle with it themselves. They can’t just spit out answers and we’re good to go. It’s like no, what does this mean? And as you do, you dig deeper and deeper and then you challenge, you’re constantly challenged with questions, scripture, this everything and that, that is where when you wrestle with the word is when it becomes it’s just it just goes so much deeper.  Pete Cabrera Jr.  02:11 Well the Bible says when you wrestle with God, you get blessed.  Faith Hartman  02:14 That’s right. That’s right. So we wrestled. Yeah, no that was good!

Back to Basics Questionnaire

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Living in a Mind Made Fiction

 This video talks about the mind made fiction that our minds make up for us to live in. We can find ourselves trapped in a mind made fiction instead of what the gospels call the Kingdom of God. To a born again believer, it is paramount that we understand the reality that we live and thrive in as sons and daughters of God. This video breaks down the mindset behind the realities of the lies we believe.

Flesh Versus Spirit

We are commanded not to live in the flesh but we have a body so how does that work biblically? This is a topic that is very rarely discussed in the body due to the so-called complexity of the topic. But not today ladies and gentlemen — watch as Pete Cabrera Jr breaks it down so simple. This is the way things should be taught in its simplest form.

Stuck in Emotions

 Are you stuck in emotions and need to get into the realities of God’s Kingdom? Do you know the difference between an emotion and an actually attack from the enemy? This video explains what most fail to explain when it comes to walking out Kingdom realities and relying on the finished work of Jesus. You are not an emotion you are a child of God.

Why you Keep Sinning

The hidden truths behind, why you keep sinning! Understanding how the carnal mind works and why you feel like you’re hitting a wall. It’s a simple fix but a hard reality to grasp!

How to get in the most high places

The brutal truth that’s not being taught in the body of Christ! How to get into the most high places of the Kingdom of God and the victories you are searching out in your walk in Christ Jesus. Trial by fire versus trials of life!

Biblically with Pastor Jeffrey Rogers

The controversy that has followed the question: Can a born again believer in Jesus be demon possessed? Pastor Jeffrey Rogers and I will address the question everyone wants to know. REAL TALK . . . biblically!

Casting out Devils

I find it very interesting that the people of God, who studied under the Hebrew and those under the Torah teachings, never had issues with what we call evil spirits, devils and demons. Why is that? I address some things in this video that you have probably never thought about. I am not saying it doesn’t happen. My question is: why is it happening to believers now if we cannot find an account of a believer having these issues in the bible?  

Demon Possession

This is a teaching I put out to get you to open your bible and do the work and search out what it is that we have been taught. I believe we should all teach from the word of God in context. How is it that we don’t challenge what it is that is being given to us as truth. I believe we have been taught enough to believe what it is that we’ve been taught but we have not been taught to question what it is we believe and why we believe it. Get out your bible and see if what I’m presenting to you is biblical truth or not. I teach my students to question everything by putting it against the word of God. If the foundation isn’t solid don’t build on it.

Kingdom Mastery

The kingdom of this world needs you. Why? Because without you, he has nothing. You’ve been trained in this world’s system ever since you were little. Monday – Friday you go to school from 8 a.m. – 3 p.m., and you have lunchtime at noon. Get in line, raise your hand, and do what we tell you.  Your purpose is to build the Kingdom of God. When Jesus came back and his disciples saw him after the resurection, they asked him if he would now establish His Kingdom. That kingdom is here my friends. We’re to establish the Kingdom of God here now!

Manifesting a son

Have you always seemed to question what is happening when you don’t see results while praying for the sick or loved ones? What’s the mental process behind it all and what is Holy Spirit teaching us in it all? The inner work is always greater than the outer one. Learn to walk into Christ Jesus and all He has for you by understanding the process. God doesn’t do magic in a believer He does process.

Powerless Christianity

I address what most won’t talk about within the body of Christ. This is one of the biggest issues we face as born again believers. Are you struggling with what seems like dead end Christianity? Christianity is supposed to be filled with awesome realities in Christ. And it is! This video explains why we as believers seem to go in circles and why we at times look silly to those who watch us struggle with what we call a victorious life in Christ. Is it real and available right now? OF COURSE IT IS AND THIS IS HOW!