Welcome to the Royal Family International University class registration page.  This is a unique opportunity for you to grow in the faith as never before.  Students at RFIU include pastors, teachers and laypeople who have been in the church, studying the word and walking with Holy Spirit for many years.  Graduates from the School of Identity and Lifestyle leave as Alumni, continually stating they have experienced more of the Kingdom of God in one week than they have during their entire Christian walk. 

There is no other training offered in walking out your identity in Christ as that received at the School of Identity and Lifestyle.  Come learn what you have been missing, there is more to a believer’s life than you may know or realize and you can’t learn about it from the pews.  Christianity is an all-out love, full contact, participatory faith. Come out of the bleachers and get into the action.   

The registration price is to cover the cost of your accommodation, meals & transportation  for 7 days and 6 nights. The registration pricing also includes all of the government required taxes, regulatory fees, property maintenance fees, principal, interest and insurance necessary to provide for accommodation lighting, heating and air-conditioning upkeep, utilities,  manor landscaping, laundry and cleaning services, along with automotive maintenance, repairs, fuel and associated surcharges. Meanwhile you receive one hundred percent free training in the gospel.

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We have had to put a limit on the attendance of alumni at no more than two per class. This was done to ensure that there is plenty of room for new students in each class. Please contact us for instructions on registration and availability through our contact form.


To register, simply find the dates you want to attend and click on that date’s REGISTER button. This will take you to a secure online registration and payment form.

If you want to register more than one person and are concerned that there may not be enough space, please first check with us through our contact form.


Aug. 27th – Sep. 2nd

Coed Class – Open


Your training in the gospel at the School of Identity and Lifestyle is free. 

The costs for us  to cover your transportation and meal expenses at RFUI while you are a fully accommodated guest in-residence at the Royal manor is currently $700.00*

*(subject to changing gasoline prices, insurance premiums, taxes and costs related to maintaining building and automotive expenses) 


If you chose to make a $250 hold deposit when you register, you can pay the balance here. You can choose to complete your full payment of $500.00 or you can make another payment of $250. Please make sure your final payment has been completed prior to the Friday before your class begins.

Contact us if you have any questions.

$500 Final Reservation Payment

Please choose “Final Reservation Payment” from dropdown as donation option

$250 Partial Class Donation

Please choose “Class Donation” from dropdown as donation option

Once you have registered . . .

Let us know your travel details by completing this form. Please ensure your flight times align with the above instructions.

We’ll email you at least 1 week prior to your class to provide you with the contact details of the RFI driver who will be picking you up from the airport and transporting you to your accommodations in Hutchinson, Kansas. If you have any further questions please contact us.

RFI Travel Communication


If you have made plans to depart early and need transportation to the airport before our scheduled departure on Monday, we will require $50 to cover the cost of the extra trip.