Kansas School

Experience an intensive five days focused on learning how to walk out the fullness of who you are in Christ.

Pete has had the privilege of personally training a large number of students from countries all over the world through this course! We start with three full days of classroom style teachings, where you’ll be challenged in your understanding of the scriptures. After this, we’ll put your learning to the test, with one day of hands-on and street healing, and then one day for reflection.

Your understanding will be revitalized and transformed having witnessed the amazing power of the Holy Spirit and experiencing the unmistakable power of God unfold before your eyes!

As a student, you will have the pleasure of sharing living quarters with up to 13 other God-seeking students from all over the world. Trust us when we say that by the end of the class, these students will become your lifelong friends!

Please note:
Our sole purpose is to teach and equip. This is not a healing rooms session. If you are sick and your expectation is for continual prayer from Pete and fellow classmates, please understand that this will not be our focus.