The Consuming Indwelling Fire of God

What we carry

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Hey guys, today is gonna be pretty awesome because we’re going to talk about what it is you carry. This is my favorite subject. And the reason it’s my favorite subject is that it’s what Jesus died to get inside of me. And he died to get it inside of you. I went Facebook live today talking about what I was going to talk about today and literally started crying man, because the way I’m gonna break it down for you today is gonna be awesome. Because one thing that we fail to understand is that Jesus paid such a high price to move inside of us. What I mean by move inside of us is to give us His spirit. And the Word tells us that if we’re baptized into His death, we are also raised in the likeness of Christ. 

So that means that he didn’t just die for you. It actually means he died as you the minute you give your life to Him. Now a lot of people won’t tell you that because they don’t understand what the new man is all about? You know, I talked about that in (Galatians, chapter 2, verse 20) when Paul says it is no longer I who live, and that I that he is talking about is the old man.

The New Creation

So there is no more old man anymore. There’s just you. And there’s this new creation that’s inside of you that’s trying to claw its way out of you, and what I mean by claw is that it wants to claw its way out of you is that it literally wants to come out. And so the issue that we have as Christians is that we don’t know how to walk out the resurrected Christ, and the only way you can walk out the resurrected Christ is if you die and allow him to live through you. That’s the resurrection. So Jesus said, I am the resurrection, which means the resurrection isn’t an event. It’s a person. And I know a lot of us as Christians are waiting for the resurrection. But today, I’m going to challenge you, you’ve been resurrected. 

So now it’s time to walk out a resurrected life

and I want to show you what that looks like, is that cool? So I’m just gonna pray real quick and we’re gonna get started. So Father in the name of Jesus We just Thank you, Lord, for who you are. I’m so excited because this is about the Comforter, this is about the Holy Spirit. This is about our teacher, the one who brings us all things and brings everything to fruition in us. And I just thank you, Father, that you’re gonna peel back the flesh, you’re gonna pull back the veil, and you’re gonna show us who you are in us father, and we just thank you, Lord, we’re gonna walk this out in a way that’s going to bring honor and glory to your kingdom. 

And we’re going to honor you with our vessels

(First Thessalonians chapter four verse four), that we would possess our vessels in honor, and sanctification. So I thank you, Lord God, that we’re going to possess this reality. And we’re going to walk you out in the name of Jesus. And everybody says, Amen – whoo, man. Sweet Jesus.

Genesis: The Temple of God and The Fire

So, guys, I wrote down some verses on the actual board here. And I figured last time when I did, I didn’t write them all out, but I figured if I write them out, you can take a picture of it when you’re done. You can go through them when you get home. Is that cool? And they heard the voice of the Lord God walking in the garden. In the cool of the day and Adam and his wife hid themselves from the presence of the Lord God amongst the tree of the garden and the Lord called unto Adam and said unto him, where are you? Oh man, Lord Jesus, this is gonna be so amazing. What’s amazing was that God created Adam, he created Eve to be with Adam. 

God created Adam to walk with Him

God created humanity to walk with Him. You guys got to know that. Okay, I know a lot of people will tell you that God doesn’t love his creation. That is a lie. God loves his creation, and he’s looking for men and women to partner with God. He wants to partner with us, we forget that. And when man fell, God still partnered with men, even though they had fallen, he still talked to them. And I want to show you what the presence of God is all about. I know because you’re gonna hear people say that, you know, we want to call down fire, you know, the Holy Spirit he baptizes with the Holy Spirit and fire. 

So I want to talk about what this fire is. And the only way to explain what this fire is is you got to actually find out where that fire Fire comes from. It all comes in (Genesis chapter one).

You know, in the beginning, God created the heavens and the earth

And then he said, Let there be light, and there was light. And the reason that he created the heavens and the earth First, if you understand this under Eastern understanding of a rabbi, you understand that the temple is the place that holds the presence of God. You guys know that. Because when you give your life to Jesus, you become the temple of God. And you were once darkness. And when you gave your life to Jesus, you’re now light, so what gives you your identity is the light that’s inside of you. And at the very beginning, in {Genesis, chapter one}, God created the heavens and the earth. That means he created a temple because when you hear heaven and earth, it means temple. It means the church. It means the navel of God that births life. 

So what God did was

he wanted you to know through His Word that he created a temple and what did he put in the temple? the light in the same way you’re the temple. And when you give your life to Jesus, he puts the light inside of you. You see how that’s how it starts off. And so the light is who Christ is, Christ is the light of the world, God is light. And then it says that, that you follow the light so you can become children of the light. So you have to understand that this light means fire, okay? It’s not like something that’s just shining, it’s an actual fire. So I’m going to show you what the fire represents to the people of God. Okay? 

Because then I’m gonna show you that that fire is inside of you. It’s inside of you even now it’s burning. It’s burning at a billion percent in the spirit.

Genesis to Exodus: How Men Feared God

So we’re gonna go to {Exodus chapter 25, verse 8}. And if you guys don’t know the story of Exodus, if you don’t know the story of what happened, they had just left Egypt. And there’s this, you know, there’s this mountain, you guys know the name of the mountain, Mount Sinai, right? And that’s where Moses went up to the mountain to do what? to talk to God. So here’s what’s amazing about this. So Let me give you a backstory. So I can catch up to where we’re at because I don’t know how many of you are in your Bibles a lot. But for those who don’t read it as much as others, do, I will just give you a quick breakdown? 

What ended up happening was Adam and Eve fell?

And when they fell, they fell into darkness. And then they had Cain and Abel, and they had these sons. And then there was this havoc that ended up happening in {Genesis chapter 6}, where he flooded the world because flesh had corrupted his way upon the earth. And so he flooded everything. And then there was a guy named Noah, and Noah built this Ark. And then he had some sons, and then he cursed Cain, the Canaan’s the son of what is it? Ham, 

And so he curses them. And then what ends up happening is then you find out later about Abraham, and then they get enslaved later on, and then they go to Egypt. I’m just trying to move forward really, really fast. So when 70 people Israel, Israel was firstborn, and then they went to Egypt, and then they were enslaved. And they were there for I don’t know how many hundreds of years there were enslaved.

Moses Arrives On the Scene

And then what ended up happening after they got enslaved Moses came. And Moses came to set them free to get them out of the chains and out of the bondage and this what ends up happening. And so they bring them all out of the desert. And here’s what’s going on right now. Like this was going on. So now these people are in the desert, and they don’t know who this God is. They just know that Moses was speaking for them. And they see God split the Red Sea. And so you have these, these people that are like, Who is this God? We know he’s our God, but we really don’t know him that well. But what is he about? 

And Moses says

Well, you know, he wanted me to set you free. And so I came to set you free, and they’re like, okay, so who is this God, we want to know who he is. And so what do they do? Moses goes up to the mountain talks to God (and we’re gonna talk about that). And so God wants to meet his people. So the first time they have this, this encounter where God is gonna meet his people, but the people get scared, and they don’t want to see God because they are like man, if we even see Him, if we even hear his voice, like we’re gonna die. We’re afraid of him. 

So they were afraid and the reason they were afraid it goes all the way back to {Genesis chapter 3 verse 8} because fallen men when they hear the presence of God when they hear God when they’re around God they want to hide that’s just the normal a normal thing that flesh does – flesh wants to hide from God because it’s afraid.

Moses and The Law

That’s what all that’s about not that you’re afraid. It’s just that flesh is afraid. Because it’s not of God I’m talking about fallen flesh is not of God, it’s gonna run it’s gonna hide because it doesn’t want to see its maker. It doesn’t want to see it, right. And so what ends up happening is we don’t want to talk to God, Moses, we want to talk to you. So we have to understand that God always wanted to talk to his people. God humbled out, which is amazing. And he said, Okay, this is what you guys want, then I’ll do it your way. 

Hey, did you know that God didn’t want to give people a king?

Did you guys know that? Did you know that it was the people that wanted to get a king, and did you know that God humbled out again, and he gave him a king and his name was Saul, you guys remember that. And so and the thing with divorce, too, you don’t want to give people divorce. Moses did not want to give people divorces? But it was because their hearts and so Moses gave divorce but it wasn’t because God wanted to give people divorces. 

The reason that he didn’t want to give people divorces is because back then if you were married, and you got divorced, you were left out to the wolves, you didn’t have anybody to take care of you. You couldn’t eat, you couldn’t work, nobody would take care of you, you would be out there on your own, and you would be left to rot. And Moses knew this, like, Look, don’t leave them because if you leave them, no one’s gonna take care of them. They’re gonna be beggars. So just stay with them and take care of them.

Because it’s always about taking care of people. This is who God is.

He wants to take care of people. So here’s what’s going on. So now he comes down off the mountain with these laws, the 10 commandments Did you guys know it was only 10 commandments. And then, later on, people started building these laws making these laws, they’re called fence laws. There was just ten but then people didn’t want to break the ten. So they put a fence around it. They made 613 laws and they didn’t want to break them and needed to build another fence and another fence. So they had 2000 laws to make sure that wouldn’t break the ten. You guys know that right? If they would have just received the heart of God, they wouldn’t have needed all that. 

That’s my point

They were so afraid to break the law that they forgot to chase the heart of God. So here’s what ended up happening. So in Exodus 25, eight, God comes to them and he says, let them make me a sanctuary, that I may dwell with them. So this is God who is coming down off the mountain guys, this is so humbling to me. The reason this so humbling to me is because the God of the universe told the people of Israel that he wanted to live with them. I got to give that some thought he actually wanted to live with them. So you’re talking about the creator of all the universe of heaven and earth, that tells them hey, I want to live with you guys.