The palms and the donkey! (part 2)

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What I find very interesting is Jesus on the way into Jerusalem. He goes and he redeems this lamb, excuse me, redeems this donkey, redeems it. No one ever rode it, it was still tied up. He sends two disciples to go get it. And he says, Hey, tell him the master has need of it, which is very interesting, which means that Jesus redeemed that lamb (I keep saying lamb) redeemed that donkey. And he rode in on the donkey that was redeemed, which is even more amazing when you give that some thought when you really understand the depth of what God is saying in His Word that just the depth of he rode in on the donkey that he redeemed, so he rode in on it, which is amazing because in the same way, we represent the donkey, we represent the mule we were the slaves. We were used by the god of this world and Jesus redeemed us the same way that Moses redeemed the people out of Egypt. And so what’s amazing is when you’re riding in on the colt, which is us, is he set us free. 


Now that’s just one part of him riding in. The second part that’s amazing about him riding in is why is he crying over Jerusalem? When he goes in, and he goes off and he starts crying, and it’s in Luke 19:41 and 44. He’s crying over Jerusalem. And the reason that he’s crying over Jerusalem is because they want to revolt. They want Jesus to come in and they want him to fight Rome. They want him to take the throne. They want him to raise the sword. This is what the palms represent. The palms represent that our king is coming because they couldn’t raise a sword. Did you know that if you held up a palm in Rome and around around a Roman or around anyway in that in that vicinity. You would be killed. Because a palm represented revolt a plam represented, that we’re going to rise up against you. That’s what that represents. If anybody was held, saw holding a poem, they can be killed by a Roman Roman soldier or by anyone in power, because this means that you’re going to rise up against Rome. When Jesus was coming in, they were getting palms and holding them up. And not only were they holding them up, they were laying them down, meaning that we’re going to give our alliance to you. If you just rise up, we will fight for you. We will fight for this kingdom. And Jesus went off and started weeping. Because he kept saying, You guys don’t understand. You don’t understand what’s going on. Like you’re gonna be crushed, you’re gonna be killed. I’ve come to bring peace and you just don’t get it. I’m gonna read it to you.



And it’s really prevalent right now. Because we can either use, our solutions can be military or they can be spiritual Military is like, we’re going to come by force. That’s the zealots way of doing things. And Jesus is like you’re missing it. This is a spiritual Exodus that I’m trying to give you. I’m trying to set you free spiritually. But you’re looking at it from a different perspective and you want to fight you want to pick up the sword, and you want to go against Rome and it’s gonna crush you. They’re going to kill you. And what’s very interesting is later on the zealots, they get destroyed. If you read under Josephus, he writes about the zealots that are fighting back the revolt. It’s also an Acts. I think I wrote it down. In Acts, it actually talks about one of them that gets killed. I didn’t write it, it’s in Acts 5:37. They’re killing them. They’re finding these these zealots and they’re destroying them. They’re like the resistance. And what ends up happening is they surround them and they start throwing them off the wall and start killing them and a lot zealots killed themselves, because they would rather die than to serve another king. And so they died. They were all destroyed. All the zealots were killed every single one. And Jesus was trying to stop that. He didn’t want them to be killed. He didn’t want them to be executed. He wanted them to to walk out peace because he’s the Prince of Peace but they just didn’t want to listen to Him. They wanted it their way. The same with Saul, if you guys remember when Saul was called to be king, if you do your study on the First Kings, he was a donkey herder. Come on. Think about that Saul was a donkey herder. Why do they want you to know that Saul was hurting donkeys? Because donkeys are stubborn animals. And he’s trying to tell them look, you got to do this the right way. Don’t be stubborn. Don’t do it your way. do it my way. This is why God picked David. David. He used his words. He was a sheep herder. He uses words and the sheep followed what he said not what he did. right what he said, and he said, Keep your eyes on the Lord, do it for the Lord do it unto the Lord. And that’s what David was about. And Saul was about no we will chop them down, we gonna kill you. And it’s something you just don’t get it. So here comes Jesus. He’s coming into Jerusalem, and he’s weeping over them. Because they just don’t get it. They don’t understand what’s happening. They don’t understand. 



I wrote down some scriptures. And you can go to (Mark chapter 11, verse 1) talks about it. (Matthew 12:1 through 11) talks about it. And (John chapter 12:12 through 19) talks about it. And it talks about him coming in to Jerusalem. He came in through from the east side. And we know that whoever was empowered during the day of the Roman Empire came in on the west, so you had East and the West, and they both collided in the city, there was a division in the city. And this is what’s going on. And if you if you read this and if you keep on going down and you read throughout that he goes into the temple and he clears it out. The reason that he clears it out is if you understand how the temple is built, you have the temple where the where the Jewish people on the top where they worship. And down below in the dirt area is where the Greeks and the Gentiles worship. So there was a place of worship for them as well. And what ended up happening was that the priest, what they did is down there on the on the, on the threshold on the floor where the Gentiles worship, there was just a bunch of things going on selling those vendors and all the stuff. And so when Jesus came in, he was really upset. And he was upset because the people that weren’t of Jewish descent, they wanted to come and worship but they couldn’t worship because it was taken up by the priest and the priest said, Well, you know, they don’t need to come to God anyways, because they’re Gentiles and its for us. And so we will just use their place where they worship when they come in, we will just take it over and we’ll make some money here.  We will sell the sacrifices we’ll do the exchange of money because you couldn’t give money that was of Herod to the temple because it was considered idol worship. And so they would charge you a certain fee to exchange money for gold and silver so you can give that to the Lord and they also would sell you lambs and doves and goats. And so they were making a lot of money and Jesus came in and this is very interesting. In John, one of the first things to happen in (John chapter two) it says that he goes in to cleanse the temple, but then later on you find out later on in (Mark chapter 11 and john chapter 12) it says he goes so it’s just like wait a minute, did he cleanse the temple twice? did he cleanse it once? What happened? And what ends up happening is you find out in numerals, I think I wrote it down. I found out that in numerals if you have mold, this is if you have mold in your in your house, that you’re supposed to cleanse it, you’re supposed to cleanse it. And if you can’t get mold out  of your house, you come back two weeks later and if the mold is still there you are supposed to destroy it. Now I found this very interesting, because Jesus said, destroy this temple. And in three days, I’ll build it up. But he came to destroy the system because the system had mold. It was corruption. And the priests had bought the priesthood from Herod. And I know I’m kind of going and giving you a historical, historical lesson, but these are things that we as Christians don’t understand. And this is what’s going on. And so this is the context of when Jesus comes into Jerusalem there’s like this time bomb about to go off and if you understand that, when, when Rome when, because you know that Herod



there was Herod there was Pontius Pilate, and, and the king was Jew and Roman. And he was making sure that there wasn’t a revolt. That’s why they put him in power to control the Jewish people. And the Jewish people always wanted to revolt always because they had taken their land that God said was theirs and the Roman Empire just said we don’t care, it’s ours now and we’re going to tax you on your whole land, which is even crazier. This is why the zealots were so upset. And so Jesus comes in. And so the pr

essure that’s going on in Jerusalem at the time is, here’s the man that the people have been waiting for. And there might be a riot that’s gonna happen because he’s coming into the city on a colt. And that’s what (Zacharias nine 9-10) it talks about. He comes in on a colt, it talks about all this stuff that’s going on, right? And so they’re waiting for this Messiah to come and the people like here he is. Our King Is Here, and he’s going to take back what the Romans took from us. Now the Romans understand this, the people in power understand this. And so they’re trying to create this time bomb from going off. And so they’re doing everything in their power to just keep everything in order. You can feel the pressure of the city, Jesus coming in. everybody’s like, yes, this is the time our kings coming. He’s gonna take back everything. He’s gonna create this revolt, this war is gonna – is about to happen. This is- it’s on and cracking, right? So he rides in.