The palms and the donkey! (part 3)

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And this is the mindset of the Jewish people who want to fight back. They want to fight back. They want justice. They want justice. They want to make them suffer. And Jesus is like, No, no, we’re gonna bring peace. We’re not going to do that. We’re not going to do that. We’re going to love our enemies, and they don’t want to hear it, we are gonna love our enemies. See, when we talk about loving our enemies, we don’t see it in that perspective We don’t see it in the perspective that Jesus was talking, just talking about. Our enemies literally are killing us, our enemies literally, taxing us. Our enemies literally are taking our land, our religion, they’re taking everything from us, but love them. Don’t fight them. This is what’s going on. This is the mindset of Jesus, which is very interesting. Very, very interesting to me. And we as Christians, what we do is we can’t even get along with people who are sinners. I mean, we’re talking about the Roman Empire here. We’re talking about Jesus is confronting the Roman Empire with love. He said, I could call on angels. And my father would send them. He could. The question is, why didn’t he? Because he’s trying to teach you something. He’s trying to teach us something as tamo Dean’s as disciples of Jesus, he’s trying to teach us something in that, and I think we miss it. What he’s trying to teach us is look when they come against you, love them, when they come against you. Bless them, put down the sword. And I think sometimes when we do this Palm Sunday and we’re lifting up the palms, we kind of forget that that’s what made Jesus cry. That’s what made him weep. The fact that you want to raise up a sword, you want to fight your enemies. And that’s what that was representing when they were laying it down and they were handing the pawns meaning that we’re gonna fight for you. And they were wanting a physical battle, they wanted a physical solution to what was going on in Rome. And Jesus is like I’m not here to give you a physical solution. I’m here to give you a spiritual solution. I want to set you free spiritually, where this stuff won’t affect you. This stuff, won’t affect you


This is the kingdom, the kingdom of God is that no matter where you’re at, you’ll be free. No matter if they put you in chains, no matter if they persecute you, revile you or say things about you, you’ll be free and this is the message of the Kingdom of God. And sometimes I find it very interesting that we as Christians, that’s the thing that Jesus died for that and we as Christians get into the flesh and we come against each other. We come against Everybody, and we want to chop them down verbally. You know, or maybe we’ll come against them we will be mean or arrogant and  Jesus is like, Man, I’m trying to model something to you. I’m trying to model this reality to you but man just you want to address that stuff in love. And how do you do that? How do you do that when you’re under Roman thumb? How do you do that? That’s very hard. It’s very interesting. So Jesus, his answer was not a political one. It was not a physical one. It was a spiritual one it is a spiritual and very, very interesting. So why am I making this video? I’m making this video because the donkey that he rode in on is us. We used to be the donkey. We used to be the slaves we used to be. We used to be the slaves to the god of this world. He was sent for us. And now he rode in on us he’s riding in on us. He rides on us and in us and through us. And so the question is, are you riding in to your circumstance with the mindset of Jesus? Or are you riding in with the mindset of a physical king who wants to use his power and authority to get what he wants? Or is he wanting peace for everyone? That’s the key. Do we want peace for everyone? Or do we just want to come in by might? It’s very, very interesting. I find it very interesting. And so there’s no escaping that there’s no escaping that it’s just very, very interesting to me. Very, very interesting to me. So, if you want to know about what’s going on,


with the with the East Gate, you can go to (Ezekiel 44:1-2) and (Zacharias 14: 3-4). And that talks about how he’s coming in and (Luke 21:37) it tells you that it was on Mount Olive that he would go to. So these are the scriptures you can go to I was gonna read them to you, but man, I figure if I just do this it would be a lot better that way you can read it. So if you want to do a study, go to (Mark chapter 11, verse one), (Matthew 21, one through 11), in (John 12:12 through 19), that talks about him coming into Jerusalem. And you can read that, and it goes all the way down. And I love the fact that they asked you this, by what authority Do you do these things? And for a lot of people that that don’t recognize this is that Jesus, they believe that he was he was born. And I got to watch how I say this, that he was born as a bastard child. Not that he was, but they believe that because Mary was impregnated out of wedlock. Everybody knew this. Now this is what’s very interesting. Because of that, if you were born out of wedlock, you could not. You could not No, no, no, don’t quote me on this. But this is something that I’ve read through my studies is that if you’re born out of wedlock, you cannot


enroll in Beth Sefer, which is the school that teaches you the five books of the Torah, you can’t do any of the systems because you’re already born out of wedlock, which means that you would be coming in and you you’d be defiling certain things. So we know that when they ask Jesus by what authority do you do these things, we could say they’re saying that because they know that he didn’t go to synagogue, they know who he is. They know his background. They know everything about Jesus, obviously, the Sanhedrin which were the were the Jewish Council, you know, they did their homework on Jesus, there’s no way they couldn’t have because all this stuff was political. So you know, they went far back, they’ve they’re probably wondering, okay, where was he born? Who’s his parents? Where’s he from? Find out everything you can on this Jesus because he’s coming into Jerusalem. This guy man is causing major issues. You’ll read that when he raised Lazarus from the dead, they were actually even trying to kill Lazarus. Because of, you know, people were talking about Lazarus, they had raised him from the dead and the Sadducees are like, we need to kill Lazarus because, yeah, people know that he was raised from the dead, like, this is the stuff that’s going on. Like this was not a joke. Jesus’s life was in danger all the time. All the time. This is why he used his words wisely. Very interesting. And he was raising the revolt now. People were waiting for Jesus to come on that day in Jerusalem during the feast,


to cause this war that was going to happen, that’s what they were waiting for. And you know what’s crazy is we’re still waiting for that. Ain’t that interesting? We’re still waiting for Jesus to come into our world and cause a war. Pick up a sword and do this and do that. And that’s what we’re waiting on. And Jesus was crying over that said, I don’t want that. I don’t want that. Just like I don’t want that. I don’t want you to die by the sword. I don’t want you to be crushed. I don’t want you to be killed. God’s judgment is gonna come on you. If you do not repent and love your enemies. They were like, No, we don’t want to love our enemies. We want to fight them and Jesus said, You live by the sword die by the sword.He knew they were going to be crushed. He knew that if they didn’t listen to him, they were going to die. Heknew it. He was right. 


And they crushed them and destroy them and murdered them. drag them into the streets whupped them killed them, caught them on fire man they did all kinds of, and Jesus is  like it’s coming. It’s coming. So they wouldn’t listen Wouldn’t Listen, Let me ask you this Are you listening? are you listening? because God’s judgment still comes on those who want to fight their enemies. And it’s the judgment that comes out of the flesh and carnality. That’s why Jesus came to pay the price for that judgment, by coming as a man and allowing that judgment to land on him. And so now because of that, we walk in Christ so that judgment doesn’t come.  And it will come to those who live in the flesh. And it will come to those who refuse to listen to the teachings of Jesus, it will come if we do not, if we do not search out the heart of his message, the judgment will come. And not only will it come for you, you will preach that judgment on others, and you will be the judgment for someone else. I think it’s very vital. And when people come against you, and when people talk trash on you, when people do things against you, it is because they’re not listening to the teachings of Jesus. And the teachings of Jesus says that we’re to love one another. And  honor one another and to proclaim the kingdom of God and in the kingdom of God, he’s the Prince of Peace. And so if he’s your prince of peace, and he lives in you, then we got to proclaim who that Prince is and who that King is. // end 3