The palms and the donkey! (part 4)

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And who that Prince is and who that King is. And he is peace and he is joy. And so, as he is, so are we so if he’s the Prince of Peace, and he came to bring peace, what should we bring? What should we be talking about? How should we be responding? Should we be weeping over people who want to fight back? Should we be weeping for people who want to pick up a sword? Should we be weeping when they just don’t get it? When they just don’t get it when Jesus is telling them you just don’t get it? I’m going to read it. Luke chapter 19. I’m going to read it to you why he was, why he was weeping.


I was just imagining, sitting there next to Jesus as he’s weeping see right here 


Luke 19:41-44 and when he was come near, he beheld the city, and he wept over it saying, If thou had known even now At least in this day, that day, the things which belong unto peace, unto thy peace, but now they are hid from your eyes. For the day shall come unto thee, that the enemy shall cast a trench about thee and encompass around you and keep thee on every side. He’s telling him like you don’t understand what’s going to happen, and shall lay thee even with the ground. And that children within thee and they shall not leave any of the stone upon any other because thou knowest not the time of this visitation. That’s what he’s saying, like, your enemy is going to surround you. I’m coming. I’m coming to stop it. I’m coming to stop it. But if you don’t listen, you won’t listen to me. I’m trying to tell you, man, they’re going to surround you. They’re going to encompass you. They’re going to kill you and your children. The judgment of God is coming and I’m here to stop it. I’m here to stop it. I’m here to stop the judgment of God. That’s what I love about prophets. prophets always get in the way of the judgment of God that that judgment is coming if they would have listened to him, if they would have listened to him, that wouldn’t have happened. But they didn’t want to listen to him. And guess what?


We still want to listen to him. We still want to listen to him. We still want to rise up against our enemies. We still want to pick up a sword. We still want to do these things, physically. And Jesus said, Man, it’s hidden from your eyes. You just don’t see it. You just don’t see it. It’s coming, man. It’s coming. Yeah, so ask yourself is what I’m saying right now? is this of God? Is this a time? Is this a message for a time such as now? I mean, give us some thought. This has always been the message of Jesus, it’s been Jesus message since he started the ministry since he picked the 12. This has been the message. This has been the message and he cleared out the temple. Because they weren’t allowing the people of God or the the Gentiles to worship there. They were taking their space and Jesus always wanted everyone to worship God. He always wanted to do that. That’s why he came, he came so everyone could receive from God because He was the bread. He was the living water. He was everything. And he gave himself for everyone. For God so loved the world. Right? So 


I love you guys in the name of Jesus. I hope this little study helped you out. There’s just so much to this. Just so much I want to get deeper into it, but I gotta get ready. I got to do some things. But I just want to come on here and now give this some thought go through it. Listen to it. I gave you some scriptures. So let me go through them (Psalms 1:18) (Zacharias nine: nine through 10) (psalms 24: Seven through 10). (Exodus 13:13) talks about the broken donkey neck law. And then you have and it’s also in the (mitzvah 54) redemption of the firstborn donkey. And if you want to talk about Jesus coming in (Mark 11: one), (Matthew 21, one through 11), (john 12:12 through 19). And then you also have (john 12:20) and talks about the Greeks coming in to worship, (john 12:13 through 14). And then you have (Ezekiel 44, one through two). And then you have (Zacharias 14, three through four). And mount of olives when he was going out there to pray is(Luke 21:37) And where he wept is (Luke 19:41 through 44). And if you want to know about the spearing, why the zealots thought it was okay to raise up a revolt towards the Romans, that’s in (numerals 25:11 through 13 and 25), seven through 13), when ? speared someone. And so it’s very interesting. 


A lot of people thought Jesus was a zealot because of the way he talked. But I believe, I believe that he used that angle. So Judas would betray him. I just think that I think that, you know, when Jesus said, Okay, everyone go grab a sword. I think what he was doing was he was making them believe, not that he was tricking them, but he was making them believe, okay, it’s time to revolt. It’s time to fight. It’s time to it’s time to do what we’re supposed to do. And I think that’s why Judas went and betrayed him, because they’re like, okay, Jesus is ready. That’s why Jesus looked at him and said, Do what you must do what you got to do. Do what you got to do. Okay, and Jesus is like okay, I’m on my way right and what ended up happening was Judas thought that Jesus was gonna revolt and Judas thought he thought that Jesus is gonna fight back. But he sat there and didn’t say anything. And it destroyed Judas, I believe it with all my heart. It destroyed Judas because Jesus like, man, I believe this and I could be wrong. I believe that when Judas found out that he was wrong, he repented and he took the money, threw the money back into the temple. And he went and he hung himself condemned himself the fact that man I thought, I thought this is what was gonna happen. I really thought I believe that Judas, his heart was in the right place. Now I know this isn’t the devil filled his heart. 


But I believe that you know, he really wanted I mean, hear me out guys. He really wanted to get the land back for his people. He really wanted to be free from the Roman Empire like we look at Judas like oh he betrayed Jesus and Yes, he did. But his heart was, man, we want to be free. We want to be free. And I think sometimes because we want to be free we betray Jesus, and I think that’s the story that we’re supposed to get from that, that we want to be free so bad that we will betray Jesus to do it our way. And that’s why the Judas story is so vital to a Christian because you need to understand that you yourself, can kiss Jesus on the cheek, in fellowship, but betray him at the same time by your actions. And that’s what we do. Like we said, we love you, Jesus, we want to be with you. Be with us, we love you, we’ll do anything for you. And then we’ll betray one another, and revolt against each other, and cut each other down and say mean things or devour one another, as followers of Christ, when that is not what he modeled. He didn’t model that. That’s the story of Judas. I think we see it From the wrong perspective, we say oh man, you know, Jesus, but as a rabbi, as a teacher, how can you take that story of Judas and use it towards yourself? 


Everything in the word is for you. It’s given to you so you can learn so you can grow you yourself are a Judas at times, because you get into the old man, and you kiss Jesus, and you think you’re doing the right thing. And you just want, right, you want what’s right, right. That’s why we get into political stuff because we want, right, we want to back up this guy and that guy, and this president and this and this at the same time. We’re fighting each other on the streets. were fighting each other, constantly thinking that this is how we do it. We pick up a physical sword, like Peter did, and he swung it and he cut the ear off of the servant. You can’t pick up a physical sword when you’re with Jesus. You just can’t. He told you not to. He told you not to swing it. The only sword we use is a spiritual sword. And that’s true that we separate flesh from spirit. And that’s the sword We use the Roman Empire uses the physical sword to cut you down.