Pete Cabrera Jr.Hi! I’m Pete Cabrera Jr and I teach and equip people to walk in the full gospel with signs and wonders following.

After my father died when I was only 7 years of age, my life became one of chaos, hate and destruction. With my mother having to carry the load of two parents to support her family, she was unable to provide the guidance that I needed. As a result, my life soon spiralled downward into violence, a 10 year crack addiction and crime. I had no regard for life or anything resembling it.

My life had become helpless and too painful, so I decided the only way out was to end it all. In a closet at 3 a.m., with a noose around my neck, I called my mother to say good-bye. It just so happened however, that by this time she had come to know the Lord, and she convinced me to give my life over to Jesus.

Soon I fell in love with this Jesus. He became the answer to all of my pain. While in rehab, I searched for Him with all my heart. I had nothing to offer Him but the broken pieces of a shattered life. He showed me His love, care, mercy and grace. With immeasurably deep gratitude, I offered myself as a living sacrifice to His plan and purpose for my life. Teaching and healing others in His Kingdom became the all-consuming passion of my life.

Since then I have travelled the world and seen many come to Christ with signs and wonders following. God has given me the ability and the honor to equip His people in a way that can only be described as miraculous. Through Facebook and YouTube, tens of thousands are being trained and equipped.

My life is living proof that if Christ can do this through me, He can do it with anyone who believes. From Kenya, Africa to the castles of Aberdeen, Scotland, to the slums of Mexico, and to the red light districts in Bangkok, Thailand, it is thrilling to see blind eyes opened, people rising out of wheel chairs, broken bones mending, and the dead being raised. Nothing can compare however, to the joy of witnessing the transformation in the lives of people yielding to Jesus as Lord and honoring the call of our heavenly Father.

The best gospel preached is the one lived out

My passion is to equip the community of Christ, train God’s people to go beyond what is common in Christian circles and enter into normal Christianity as revealed in His word so that His people can live the life He intended for them.

The School of Identity and Lifestyle was born out of the need to show people who they are in Christ and to teach them how to practically function in the reality of the Kingdom of God.

I have found my place in Christ and would not change it for the world. This is what I desire for all of God’s people. Life is much more than making a living. It is living out His plan and His purpose for our lives.

Jesus is the real star — I am just His Hypeman!



2020 Class Schedule



MAY26th - June 1st (women only)
JUNE9th - 15th
JULY7th - 13th
AUGUST4th - 10th
SEPTEMBER22nd - 28th
OCTOBER6th - 12th
NOVEMBER3rd - 9th
DECEMBER1st - 7th